Using ” Like” in Marathi

  • Do
  • I do it.
    मी हे करतो/ते
  • I like doing it
    मला हे करायला आवडते.
  • Play
  • I play Cricket
    मी क्रिकेट खेळतो
  • I like playing cricket
    मला क्रिकेट खेळायला आवडते
  • Go
  • I go to the movies
    मी सिनेमा ला जातो.
  • I like going to the movies
    मला सिनेमा बघायला आवडते
  • Eat
  • I eat
    मी खातो
  • I like eating mango
    मला आंबा खायला आवडतो.
  • Drink
  • I drink water
    मी पाणी पितो/ते
  • I like drinking water
    मला पाणी प्यायला आवडते
  • Read
  • I read books
    मी पुस्तक वाचतो
  • I like reading books
    मला पुस्तक वाचायला आवडते
  • Watch
  • I watch
    मी बघतो
  • I like watching TV
    मला TV बघायला आवडते.
3 comments on “Using ” Like” in Marathi
  1. NED says:

    excellent Marathi guide your website is! Thanks for that.

    one doubt : does “aavadto” and “aavadte” at the end depend on the person speaking or the activity being described?


    • Akshay says:

      Hi Ned. If it is activity then it generally takes aavadte otherwise aavadte or avadto depends on the gender of person being described (not person speaking).

      for example:
      activity: mala cricket khelaayla aavadte
      person: mala kareena avadte
      person:mala sachin avadto

  2. This is one thing I found really confusing in Marathi. So it’s a sort of exception then .. aavad does not literally translate to ‘like’ in English.. it’s more like describing a relation of liking between you and the activity but with you as the object!

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