Using चा/ची/चे in Marathi


“चा/ची/चे ”  in Marathi is like using apostrophe S  of English.

If you are referring to a Masculine object then “चा” is used.

Amitabh’s son = अमिताभ चा मुलगा

Abhishek’s dog = अभिषेक चा कुत्रा

Aishwarya’s mobile =ऐश्वर्या चा मोबाईल


If the object is  Feminine then “ची”  is used.

Amitabh’s daughter = अमिताभ ची मुलगी

Abhishek’s car = अभिषेक ची गाडी

Aishwarya’s cat =ऐश्वर्या ची मांजर


If the object is  Neuter or Plural  then “चे”  is used.

Amitabh’s  friends = अमिताभ चे मित्र

Abhishek’s book = अभिषेक चे पुस्तक

Aishwarya’s  dogs =ऐश्वर्या चे कुत्रे


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  1. saba says:

    it’s really good website to learn marathi

  2. Rachit says:

    Keep up the excellent work! It has been 2 years since I moved to Pune and have been wanting to learn Marathi ever since. I am sure this website will do a great deal in helping me grasp the language quickly. Many thanks :-)

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