Telling who “WE” are in Marathi……….

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So far you learned singular pronouns in Marathi. Now it is time to direct your attention to plural pronouns.

1st person


aamhi हम We
2nd  person


tumhi आप You
3rd person


Te वे They

Learn Marathi : Lesson 1.5: What I learned


The accompanying verb has to modify itself for plural pronouns. Lets see this with examples.

” आहे ” is a “Be” verb in Marathi.It is like “is” and ” am”  of English. More can be read  here :  Be verbs in Marathi.

Simple it is, but a slight modification is there when you will use “आहे” for plural form of pronouns. In English, we would say, We are Indian,You are Indian and They are Indian. The  grammar rule tells us to use  “are” for all plural form of pronouns. However the Marathi be verb “आहे” takes a suffix behind depending on the person you are describing.

“आम्ही आहोत ”  and ” तुम्ही आहात “.

Lets read the following tables to get a detailed picture. Do not get disheartened by the amount of text you have to read. Just concentrate on  highlighted words.Do no try to memorize, rather solve an exercise on it so that you get a quick and interesting revision.

Now read these sentences loudly and clearly.

Marathi Transliteration Hindi English

आम्ही भारतीय आहोत.

aamhi bhartiya ahot. हम भारतीय है | we are Indian.

आम्ही मुंबईकर आहोत.

aamhi mumbaikar ahot. हम मुंबईकर है | We are Mumbaikar.

तुम्ही भारतीय आहात.

Tumhi bhartiya ahat. आप भारतीय है | You are Indian.

तुम्ही मुंबईकर आहात.

Tumhi Mumbaikar ahat. आप मुंबईकर है | You are Mumbaikar.

ते भारतीय आहेत.

Te bhartiya ahet. वे भारतीय है | They are Indian.

ते मुंबईकर आहेत.

Te mumbaikar ahet. वे मुंबईकर है | They are Mumbaikar.


आम्ही TCS मध्ये काम करतो.

aamhi TCS madhe kam karto हम TCS मे काम करते है | We work in TCS.

आम्ही मराठी शिकतो.

aamhi marathi shikto. हम मराठी सीखते है | We learn Marathi.

आम्ही हिंदी बोलतो .

aamhi hindi bolto. हम हिंदी बोलते है | We speak Hindi.

आम्ही मुंबई ला राहतो.

aamhi mumbai la rahato. हम मुंबई मे रहते है | We live in Mumbai.


तुम्ही TCS मध्ये काम करता.

tumhi TCS madhe kam karta आप TCS मे काम करते है | You work in TCS.

तुम्ही मराठी शिकता.

tumhi marathi shikta. आप मराठी सीखते है | You learn Marathi.

तुम्ही हिंदी बोलता .

tumhi hindi bolta. आप हिंदी बोलते है | You speak Hindi.

तुम्ही मुंबई ला राहता.

tumhi  mumbai la rahata. आप मुंबई मे रहते है | You live in Mumbai.


ते TCS मध्ये काम करतात.

te TCS madhe kam kartat. वे TCS मे काम करते है | They work in TCS.

ते मराठी शिकतात.

te marathi shiktat. वे मराठी सीखते है | They learn Marathi.

ते हिंदी बोलतात .

te hindi boltat. वे हिंदी बोलते है | They speak Hindi.

ते मुंबई ला राहतात.

te mumbai la rahatat. वे मुंबई मे रहते है | They live in Mumbai.



Personal pronouns (Plurals)

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This was a little difficult lesson. Test what you have learned now by solving an Exercise on this chapter.

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34 comments on “Telling who “WE” are in Marathi……….
  1. Bhupesh says:

    I think shiktat is wrongly used in question 2, shikta is more appropriate as per the rules mentioned

  2. अवनीश says:

    कुछ दिनों की छुट्टी के बाद फिर से मराठी कक्षा में आ गया हूँ|
    enjoying the tutorials

  3. Purvi says:

    superb site i m learning a lot from it..
    mi marathi shikte.. :)

  4. Shavez says:

    ata me chaan marathi bolto

  5. Shavez says:

    for feminine cases can it come,”aamhi bolte” or “tumhi bolte”

  6. ram says:

    these are houses.
    he ghar aahet
    -is it correct?

  7. Shavez says:

    whats the use of “aste”. Like in “me kaam karat aste”

  8. Anjali says:

    plz lemme knw in ques no.6, answer is ‘aahet’, but going according to verb thing, with ‘te’- verb + taat. so then y aahet

  9. aasha says:

    ur illustrations are very nice…

  10. Anne says:

    How would you say “you (singular) speak…?” is it tu bolto/bolte or tu boltes? what is the difference?

  11. kusal says:

    what is difference between madhe and la?

  12. kusal says:

    then me mumbai la rahto it translates to ??? I live to mumbai

  13. Anonymous says:

    Very helpful and manageable for the new learner, keep it up
    J D’Silva

  14. Krishna Kant Ojha says:

    1. आम्ही TCS मध्ये काम करतो.
    2. ते मुंबई ला राहतात.

    In sentence 1, you use ‘मध्ये’ for ‘in’, while sentence 2, you use ‘ला’. While I have observed that in grammar section 1, you used ‘ला’ for ‘to’.

    I would appreciate if you could please elaborate.

    • Akshay says:

      Mee Mumbait/madhye Rahto and Mumbai la Rahto both sentences are correct and they both mean ” I live in Mumbai”. Their usage depends on the situation.
      If you are Delhi and want to tell someone that you live in Mumbai, You will say : Mee Mumbai la Rahto
      If you are Mumbai and want to tell someone that you live in Mumbai then you can say : Mee Mumbait Rahto.

  15. lizzy says:

    I really like your site. It’s wonderful and I’m glad that you’ve worked so hard on it. Because of your hard work, I’ve learned a lot. But I noticed up till this point the feminine verb conjugations are present much less than the male conjugations for he/she. I really need those conjugations because I don’t know enough Marathi to guess what they are on my own. Could you please include/make tables to teach how to say those things? And secondly, assuming all of the characters in the above lesson are female only, would it still be “आम्ही मुंबई ला राहतो”, “ते मुंबई ला राहतात”, or “तुम्ही मुंबई ला राहता”?
    Thank you!

  16. Pradyumn says:

    How do you say तू मराठी सीखता है, तू मराठी सीखती है, वह मराठी सीखता है, वह मराठी सीखती है?

    • Akshay says:

      तू मराठी सीखता है, = तू मराठी शिकतोस
      तू मराठी सीखती है, =तू मराठी शिकतेस.
      वह मराठी सीखता है,=तो मराठी शिकतो
      वह मराठी सीखती है = ती मराठी शिकते.

  17. rachna says:

    Very nice have learnt a lot
    Just one query
    What to say if i want to say what are u saying
    Tujha kaay boltas or tujha kaay bolte

  18. Pradyumn Sharma says:

    Thanks, Akshay. Good job and prompt reply. A few more please:

    तुम (सब) मराठी सीखती हो.
    वे (सब) मराठी सीखती हैं.

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