How do you say “He is my good friend” in Marathi?

Friendship day is coming closer.Have some friendship day Marathi lines ready to impress your Marathi friends.

Friend (male) is “मित्र (mitra)” while friend(female) is मैत्रीण (maitreen) in Marathi.

If you want to make a new Marathi friend on this friendship day just say him/her irrespective of gender:

माझ्याशी मैत्री करशील  ?  (maazyaa shee maitree karsheel?)

while “मैत्री (maitree)” is friendship in Marathi.

Similar sentences on the word friend in Marathi :

तो माझा चांगला मित्र आहे (to maazaa chaangla mitra aahe) =  He is my good friend.

ती तुझी मैत्रीण आहे का ? (ti tuzee maitreen aahe ka?) = Is she your friend?

and the final one, this could be your life saviour line

तो माझा फक्त मित्र आहे.(to maaza fakt mitra aahe)  =He is only my friend or We are just friends.


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