Telling ” What you are doing now ” in Marathi…..

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What do you do when you convert a sentence in simple present tense in English into a present continuous tense  ?

If the sentence is  ” Ajay verb  snakes ” .  To make it into  present continuous, you use a ” be verb ” and put -ing behind the verb.

If the initial format is  ” Ajay + verb + snakes ”  it becomes ” Ajay + be verb + verb-ing + snakes.

If the sentence is ” Ajay+eats+ snakes” it becomes ” Ajay + is + eat-ing + snakes.

Marathi is much more easier .You don’t have to add anything weird like -ing behind your verb. The verb remains neat and clean and it stays in the same form as it was there in the simple present tense. You only have to add the Marathi “be verb” behind the main verb. I shouldn’t find any need to tell you which Marathi “be-verb” is used in  present tense. If you have forgotten, then there is no point in going ahead . Revise this chapter :” Be verbs in Marathi” before you move any further.

As shown in the picture, “खातो”  becomes “खातो आहे”. similarly पिते becomes पिते आहे.

Lets read the following sentences to get the more clear picture.

Simple present -Marathi Continuous-Marathi Continuous- English
अजय उठतो.(ajay uthto)

अजय उठतो आहे.

(ajay uthto aahe)

Ajay is waking up
राणी ब्रेड खाते.(raani bread khaate)

राणी ब्रेड खाते आहे.

(raani bread khaate aahe)

Rani is eating a bread
गब्बर पाणी पितो.(gabbar paani pito)

गब्बर पाणी पितो आहे.

(gabbar paani pito aahe)

Gabbar is drinking  water
आम्ही जातो .(aamhi jaato)

आम्ही जातो आहोत.

(aamhi jaato aahot)

We are going .
मी मुंबईला राहतो .(mee mumbai la raahto)

मी मुंबईला राहतो आहे.

(mee mumbai la raahto aahe)

I am living in Mumbai

Note : The use of ” आहे” depends on what pronoun you are using. For all singular pronouns ” आहे” is used. For plural pronouns it is different.Vist this page if you have forgotten : ”  Who we are“.

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