Telling “What you were doing in Marathi”


Simple Past Past continuous
मी  उठ-लो/ली

मी उठत होतो/ती.

mee uthat hoto/ti I was waking up.
मी झोप-लो/ली

मी झोपत होतो/ती.

mee zopat hoto/ti I was sleeping.
पप्पू गे-ला

पप्पू जात होता.

pappu jaat hota Pappu was going.
पप्पी आ-ली

पप्पी येत होती.

pappi tet hoti Pappi was coming.
पप्पू हस-ला

पप्पू हसत होता.

pappu hasat hota Pappu was laughing.
पप्पी रड-ली

पप्पी रडत होती.

pappi radat hotu Pappu was crying.
तू बोल-लास/लीस

तू बोलत होतास/होतीस.

tu bolat hotas/hotis You were speaking.
तू चाल-लास /लीस

तू चालत होतास/होतीस.

tu chaalat hotas/hotis You were walking.

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3 comments on “Telling “What you were doing in Marathi”
  1. Akshay says:

    If you can write Marathi very well then I don’t think you have any problem with your grammar.

  2. aron says:

    the grammer is so easy an conceptual.
    m super-enjoying the lessons…..

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