Have you ever wondered  what ” aamchi ” in “Amchi Mumbai” means ?

If Yes……..then this chapter for you.

If No……then you must be already knowing what it is.But there are many more words similar to it you may want to know.

Earlier we have seen the Marathi meaning of ” My,Your, His, Her and Its “. I am sure you still have not forgotten them. If you have already … .. :(  then you need to have a glance at ” Telling your name in Marathi” and “ Introducing others in Marathi“.

I don’t think there is anything to explain here. All you have to do is learn 3+3+3 =9 Marathi words.

Lets read the following tables.


भारत आमचा देश आहे.
bharat amcha desh ahe. भारत हमारा देश है | India is our country.
अमेरिका तुमचा देश आहे.
amerika tumcha desh ahe अमेरिका आपका देश है | Amerika is your country.
जपान त्यांचा देश आहे.
japan tyancha desh ahe. जपान उनका देश है | Japan is their country.

For masculine nouns …….  our = आमचा ;  your = तुमचा  ;  their = त्यांचा


इंडिका आमची कार आहे.
indica amchi car ahe. इंडिका हमारी कार है | Indica is our car.
स्पार्क तुमची कार आहे.
Spark tumchi car ahe. स्पार्क आपकी कार है | Spark is your car.
मारुती त्यांची कार आहे.
Maruti tyanchi car ahe. मारुती उनकी कार है | Maruti is their car.

For for feminine nouns ……   our = आमची ;  your= तुमची ; Their=त्यांची


मुंबई आमचे शहर आहे.
mumbai amche shahar ahe. मुंबई हमारा शहर है | Mumbai is our city.
न्यूयोर्क तुमचे शहर आहे.
newyork tumche shahar ahe. न्यूयॉर्क आपका शहर है | Newyork is your city.
टोकियो त्यांचे शहर आहे.
tokiyo tyanche shahar ahe. टोकियो उनका शहर है | Tokiyo is their city.

For for neuter nouns…….. our = आमचे ; your=तुमचे  ; Their=त्यांचे
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29 comments on “Our-Your-Their
  1. sam says:

    Very helpful kp the hardwork going

  2. prasoon says:

    Sorry Not Getting , little confused if we talk about country its masculine & if we talk about city it comes neutral how ???

    • Akshay says:

      Nice question Prasoon.

      ” शहर ” in Marathi is neuter while “देश ” is masculine.
      When you say, मुंबई शहर, you’ll have to treat it as a neuter gender. However, when you describe only “मुंबई” it becomes feminine.

      Hope this clears your doubt.

      • prasoon says:

        Hi akshay

        thankyou so much

        but c again here we always say as The India or the america .. on the respect of your previous teaching, shouldn`t we use honor pronoun like ” BHarat amche desh ahe ”

        am i wrong ?

  3. Radharaman Sharma says:

    in the question no. 6 your house, answer should be tumcha ghar (tumhara ghar), right?

  4. neha says:

    can i know the plural word for mulga?

  5. swenal says:

    where do we use the word asaaa and asa[with a dot on the letter ‘sa’]?
    what is the difference between them?


  6. kusal says:

    how does thyamchi differ from thyachi is it just his and their

  7. sherly says:

    thyachi= his thichi=her then what about its=??

  8. sherly says:

    our=aamcha mine=?!?

  9. jack says:

    what is thyachya and how does it differ from thichi

  10. Anonymous says:

    great site akshay. keep up ur hard work!!!

  11. ravi says:

    Is घर also neuter in Marathi ?

  12. aalia says:

    when do we use त्यांना ?

  13. ravi says:

    How do I pronounce ‘ tyanchi ‘ ? Is it ‘त्यान्ची’ or ‘त्याँची’

  14. Jayashree says:

    very useful

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank u very much for the tutorial…very हेल्पफुल !

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