baby बाळ (N)
back मागे
back पाठ (F)
bad वाईट
ball चेंडू (M)
to beat मारणे
beauty सुंदरता
beautiful सुन्दर
bed पलंग (M)
before आधी
To begin सुरुवात करणे
behind मागे
to believe विश्वास करणे
bell  घंटा (F)
between च्या मध्ये
big मोठा
bird पक्षी (M)
black काळा
blood रक्त (N)
blue निळे
body शरीर (N)
boat होडी (F)
bone हाड (N)
book पुस्तक (N)
born जन्म
bottom तळ (M)
box खोका (M)
boy मुलगा (M)
branch शाखा (F)
to break तुट-णे
to bring आण-णे
broad रुंद
brown तांबडा
to build बांध-णे
to burn जळ-णे
busy मग्न
but पण
to buy विकत घेणे
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  1. Leon says:

    Dear Akshay,

    Thanks for this site, its excellent.

    Would it be possible to mention the gender with “1000 most common words in Marathi”.


    • Akshay says:

      Hi Leon,

      Yes. Its a really good idea to mention the gender with all the nouns in vocabulary list. I’ll start editing the list soon.


  2. Madhuri says:

    akshay can u even please add the sentences with the words. it will be helpful.

  3. Madhuri says:

    wht sentence will come for boat.

  4. Varalakshmi says:

    Hi Akshay,

    Its really a very great effort you took to make this site. This is very usually for learning marathi and its just “AWESOME”.

    Thank you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I.like it this site

  6. Dinesh says:

    awesome site

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