तू कोण आहेस ?
Who  are you ?
तो कोण आहे ?
Who is he ?
क्रिकेट कोण खेळत आहे ?
Who is playing Cricket ?
मराठी कोण शिकतो ?
Who learns Marathi ?
हिंदी कोण शिकत आहे ?
Who is learning  Hindi ?
पुस्तक कोण लिहित आहे ?
Who is writing a book ?
पैसे कोण घेतो ?
Who takes money ?

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4 comments on “Who
  1. arun says:

    i think for who is speaking hindi t would be kon hindi bolat aahe.but you wrongly entered shikat aahe.is it right?

  2. sushma says:

    Hindi kaun shikat ahe ? or shikato ahe? Is there any change in present continuous question?

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