“Who are You ?” in Marathi




तू कोण आहेस ?

(tu kon aahes?)

Who  are you ?

तो कोण आहे ?

(to kon aahe?)

Who is he ?

क्रिकेट कोण खेळत आहे ?

(cricket kon khelat aahe?)

Who is playing Cricket ?

मराठी कोण शिकतो ?

(marathi kon shikto?)

Who learns Marathi ?

हिंदी कोण बोलत आहे ?

(hindi kon bolat aahe?)

Who is speaking  Hindi ?

पुस्तक कोण लिहित आहे ?

(pustak kon liheet aahe?)

Who is writing a book ?

पैसे कोण घेतो ?

(paise kon gheto ?)

Who takes money ?
5 comments on ““Who are You ?” in Marathi
  1. Neeraj says:

    shikath is for learn right. then how come “hindi kon shikath ahe” is “who is speaking hindi”

  2. KAVITA says:

    कोण पैसे घेतो ? पैसे कोण घेतो ?

  3. mangesh says:

    aal india information marathi

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