Using ” have to” in Marathi

Marathi English
मला होमवर्क करायचे आहे.

mala homework karayache aahe

I have to do my homework.
मला क्रिकेट खेळायचे आहे.

mala cricket khelayche aahe

I have to play Cricket.
मला मराठी बोलायची आहे.

malaa marathi bolaychee aahe.

I have to speak Marathi.
मला मराठी शिकायची आहे.

mala marathi bolaychi aahe

I have to learn Marathi.
मला ऑफिस ला जायचे आहे.

mala office la jayche aahe.

I have to go to office.
मला पुस्तक लिहायचे आहे.

mala pustak lihayche ahe.

I have to write a book
मला आंबा खायचा आहे.mala aamba khaycha ahe I have to eat a mango.
10 comments on “Using ” have to” in Marathi
  1. vijay parkash gupta says:

    gud to learn marathi, pl send me regular lessons, thanks

  2. Murli says:

    Please check the 3rd and 4th block under Marathi. The sentences written in Roman script are inter changed !”malaa marathi shikaychi aahe” and “mala marathi bolaychi aahe”

  3. Aasim says:

    Hi..for “Have to” give some example other then “I”..Thanks

  4. Tarit Das says:

    Here the verb-endings conforms the sex of the objects and not subjects as the sentences are in the past tense. Is this right ?

  5. nisha says:

    Thanx a lot for creating such a nyc website… Please send me lesson regular.. I need it very urgent… I have to learn Marathi very quickly for a very dear frnd…

  6. Kushal says:

    In the sentence “I have to speak Marathi… ”
    Why use “chi” instead of “che” ?

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