Questions on “Why”

  • Come
  • You came
    तू आला/आली
  • Why did you come?
    तू का आला/आली ?
  • talk
  • You talked
    तू बोलला/बोलली
  • Why did you talk ?
    तू का बोलला/बोलली ?
  • Eat
  • You ate mango
    तू आंबा खाल्लास
  • Why did you eat mango?
    तू आंबा का खाल्लास ?
  • came late
    उशीरा आला/आली
  • You came late
    तू उशीरा आलास /आलीस .
  • Why did you come late ?
    तू उशीरा का आलास /आलीस ?
  • You are doing
    तू करत आहेस
  • Why are doing this ?
    तू काय करत आहेस ?
  • Why are you eating ?
    तू काय खात आहेस ?
7 comments on “Questions on “Why”
  1. Salvankar says:

    ‘Why are you doing this?’ = Tu kay karat ahes? I think it’s wrong

  2. Anonymous says:

    Then how do we say “what are you doing”

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