Past tense III

Lets learn a few more rules related to transitive verbs in Past tense

 Pronouns or nouns remain in their original form when you use for intransitive verbs in the past tense.

I ran  =  मी धाव-लो/ली (mee dhav-lo/li)

You ran = तू  धावला-ली(tu dhavla-li)

He ran = तो धावला(to dhavla)

She ran = ती धावली(ti dhavli)

They ran = ते धावले(te dhavle)

But the scene is entirely different for transitive verbs. Lets take our favorite transitive verb: To eat

I ate a Samosa =  मी समोसा खाल्ला.(mee samosa khalla)

You ate a Samosa= तू  समोसा खाल्ला.(tu samosa khalla)

He ate  a Samosa= त्याने समोसा खाल्ला.(tyane samosa khalla)

She ate a Samosa= तिने समोसा खाल्ला.(tine samosa khalla)

They ate a Samosa = त्यांनी समोसा खाल्ला.(tyanni samosa khalla)

Ramesh ate a Samosa = रमेशने समोसा खाल्ला.(rameshne samosa khalla)

Priya ate a Samosa  = प्रियाने समोसा खाल्ला.(priyane samosa khalla)

It is more or less like “मैने समोसा खाया ”  and not like ” मै समोसा खाया”.

This rule is only applicable for third person pronouns.

He read a book. त्याने पुस्तक वाचले. (tyane pustak vachle)
She asked a question तिने प्रश्न विचारला.(tine prashna vicharala)
Sachin hit the ball सचिनने बॉल मारला.(sachine ball marla)
Priya drank water प्रियाने पाणी पिले.(priyane pani pile)

Past tense 3

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19 comments on “Past tense III
  1. Amitabha Roy says:

    amhi idli khalli, tumhi samosa khalla… are these correct for 1st and 2nd person plural numbers?

  2. Ash says:

    Why is it priyane pani pile and not peeli?

  3. Katherine says:

    Just a suggestion–it would be great if the quiz for this section included more pronouns (tu, tumhi, amhi) and maybe even some intransitive verbs to make it more challenging. As it is right now, once you answer one, it makes answering all the rest pretty straightforward. If you mixed it up a little more, it would make us have to think harder for each question.

  4. RACHIT SHARMA says:

    In the starting,its written तू धावला for you ran, but in previous topics it was तू धावलास as it is for second person(masculine). Shouldn’t it be like that?

  5. Tarit Das says:

    णार आणि ईल – क्या लिंग पार निर्भर करता है ?

  6. nisha says:

    Sir how we will say “Main khana kha rhi thi” in marathi

  7. निखिल says:

    They went =ते/त्यांना गेलो/गेले?

  8. Anonymous says:

    They went to the office =ते/त्यांना आॅफेसला गेलो/गेले?
    please clarify.
    Also, is there a proper Marathi word for office?

  9. Rani says:

    Dear Akshay,
    I really thank u for doing such a wonderful service keep going
    May God bless you
    kind regards,
    Rani Lakshman

  10. thomas says:

    in Q2 the verb is marle, but in the example given above it is ‘sachin ne ball marla’. Could you please explain?

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