I want….in Marathi

Marathi Transliteration English
मला पाणी पाहिजे. malaa paani paahije I want some water.
मला तिकीट पाहिजे. malaa ticket paahije. I want a ticket.
मला मदत पाहिजे. malaa madat paahije. I want some help.
मला नोकरी पाहिजे. malaa nokri paahije. I want a job.
मला पैसे पाहिजे. malaa paise paahije. I want some money.
मला बायको पाहिजे. malaa baayko paahije. I want a wife.
मला १०० रुपये पाहिजे. malaa shambhar rupaye pahije. I want 100 Rs.


14 comments on “I want….in Marathi
  1. M A MURTY says:

    The lessons are well designed and useful…..

  2. Subrahmanyam says:

    Malaa marathi path paahije

  3. sourav says:

    malaa marathi path sope laglla….hope i didn’t made many mistakes

  4. Manish Kumar Sharma says:

    If I am a male, I must write मला पाहिजो, not मला पाहिजे.
    But when I’m referring to an object, I must say…. मला पाणी पाहिजे.
    Am I right?
    Thanks for all these lessons.

  5. Vinay says:

    how to say ” best of luck for your exams”

    “be positive and give it nicely”

    • Akshay says:

      Hi Vinay,

      best of luck for your exams : parikshesathi shubheccha
      be positive and give it nicely: positive rahaa ani changlyaani pariksha de.

      Hope this helps

      • vinay says:

        thanks akshay this was helpful :)

        actually my gf is maharastrian and i want to learn marathi heartily .. just started it through your website now..

  6. Anonymous says:

    mala madhuri dixit pahije

  7. Anonymous says:

    mala katrina kaif paahije

  8. kaleem says:

    मला कतरिना कैफ पाहिजे

  9. jayaprada says:

    mala marathi path chang laagla. mee khoob शिकवले
    मला Marathi पाठ चंग लआगळा . मी मराठी ध्यान आणि ख्होब शिकवले .
    कृपया मला statement साठी विचार पायीजे .

  10. Patil says:

    Can anyone please tell me how to say the following in Marathi
    1. I wanted to talk to you
    2.you are the best
    3.will you sit with me

    And is this correct for will you AIT with me
    Apan mala basu shaktat
    Please reply correct if correct


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