Future tense in Marathi

मी उद्या सकाळी ६ वाजता उठ-णार /उठेल .

(mee udyaa sakaali sahaa vaajta uthnaar/uthel)

tomorrow, I will wake up at 6 o’clock.
मी  ब्रेंड खाणार  आणि दुध पि-णार .

(me bread khaanaar aani doodh pinaar)

I will eat a bread and drink milk .
७ वाजता शाळेत जा-णार/जाईल .

(saat vaajta shaalet jaanaar/jaael)

I will go to school at 7 o’clock.
शाळेत मी पुस्तक वाच-णार /वाचील .

(shaalet mee pustak vaachnaar/vaachel)

I will read a book in school.
आणि मराठी शिक-णार / शिकेल .

(aani maraathi shiknaar/shikel)

and will learn Marathi.
दुपारी १२ वाजता डब्बा खा-णार/खाईल .

(dupaari baara vaajta dabba khaanar/khaael)

Afternoon 12 o’clock , will eat tiffin.
मी २ वाजता घरी ये-णार/येईल  .

(me 2 vaajta ghari yenaar/yeil)

I will come home at 2 o’clock
संध्याकाळी ५ वाजता क्रिकेट खेळ-णार/खेळील.

(sandhyaakaali 5 vaajta cricket khelnaar/khelil)

Evening 5 o’clock, I will play Cricket.
रात्री १ तास होमेवोर्क कर-णार/करील.

(raatri ek taas homework karnaar/kareel)

Night, I will do homework for an hour.
मग मी TV बघ-णार /बघील .

(mag mee TV baghnaar/bagheel)

then I will watch TV.
मी रात्री १० वाजता झोप-णार/झोपील

(mee raatri dahaa vaajta zopnaar/zopeel)

I will sleep  at 10 o’clock.

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11 comments on “Future tense in Marathi
  1. Shavez says:

    what’s the difference in:
    verb+”naar” and verb+”eel”.

    and, above are examples of only first person,
    what will be the case for:
    second person(singular-male/female)and(plural).
    third person (singular- male/female/neuter)and(plural).

    please explain all the above with examples.

  2. siva chander says:

    Can verb+eel be used in other cases or only +naar is correct .(second person sing., plural etc ?

    • Akshay says:

      +eel can not be used for 2nd and 3rd case. I would suggest you to use -naar in all the cases since it saves ur effort of memorising new rules and also conveys the meaning

  3. KAVITA says:

    आम्ही खेळणार | WHETHER IT IS CORRECT

  4. Aarti says:

    Awesome website. Very helpful. I have been using it regularly to learn Marathi grammar.

  5. Jithendra says:

    “to school” and “in school” both use the same suffix? “शाळेत”

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