Questions ?

काय ? kaay? What
का ?  kaa? Why
केव्हा ? kevhaa? When
कुठे ? kuthe? Where ?
कसे? kase? How
किती ? kitee? How much/many
कोण ? kon? Who
कोणाला ? konaala? Whom
कोणता/कोणती ? konta/konti? Which
कोणाचा/ची ? konacha/che?  Whose
12 comments on “Questions ?
  1. Baneeshya says:

    how to ask is this your marriage photo?

  2. Khyati Mehta says:

    How to ask what is the price of these apples?

  3. shrikant says:

    Its a very simple method for english speeking ….

  4. Pankaj Kumar says:

    I am very new to this
    I just want to know where to start to learn Marathi
    and How much time it will take ??

    • Akshay says:

      Hi Pankaj

      Welcome to Mindurmarathi.com.You can start learning from the lesson: Telling your name in Marathi and then move ahead as per the directions given in the lesson.


  5. vishal says:

    i go to home in present past and future.
    me ghari jato
    me ghari galo
    me ghari janar
    perfect or need changes

  6. Tarit Das says:

    ‘हा लग्नाचा फोटो आहे का ?’
    English translation of this sentence is ‘Is this your marriage photograph ?’
    But as per marathi vocabulary का means ‘Why’. But का is also used while asking about confirmation of a message or statement. I am a little confused. Can you please clarify ?

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