Pre/Post positions

वर (var)
Above/up  TV वर Above the TV
खाली (khaali)
Below/down TV  खाली Below the TV
नंतर (nantar)
After TV नंतर After the TV
आधी (aadhi)
Before TV आधी Before the TV
Near TV जवळ Near the TV
दूर (duur)
Away TV च्या दूर Away from the TV
समोर (samor)
In front of TV समोर In front of TV
मागे (maage)
Behind TV  मागे Behind the TV
On/at TV वर On/at TV
ला /कडे (laa/kade)
To TV ला /कडे To the TV
हून (hoon)
From TV हून From theTV
साठी (saathi)
For TV साठी For the TV
कडे (kade)
Towards TV कडे Towards the TV
पासून (paasoon)
Since सकाळ पासून Since morning
पर्यंत (paryant)
Till रात्री पर्यंत Till night
आत/ मध्ये (aat/madhe)
Inside/in TV आत/ मध्ये Inside the TV
बाहेर (baaher)
Outside/out TV बाहेर Outside the TV
च्या मध्ये (chyaa madhe)
Between दोन TVs च्या मध्ये Between 2 TVs
मधून (madhoon)
Through TV मधून Through TV
11 comments on “Pre/Post positions
  1. Evelyn says:

    It would have been more helpful if you have written the pronunciation of the marathi word in english. Like, bar, sathi etc.

  2. aron says:

    akshay ji , is it possible to learn marathi using this awesome website .apart from that , m also expose to marathi environment in my college

  3. suphala uchil says:

    where can i find past, present and future tense

  4. Sarah says:

    Akshay ji,

    We are looking to find the inflected noun form patterns with post-positions (masculine sg. and pl, fem, and neuter etc.). Is there a lesson on this hiding somewhere on your site?

    Thanks much!

  5. Graham says:

    what does “-तील” means in words like “शाळातील”?
    My marathi friends are finding it difficult to explain. Thank you.

    • Akshay says:

      Hi Graham,

      Your doubt is intelligent and made me think a lot before answering.
      -teel is generally used to describe persons or objects who are physically located inside the other objects.

      Examples will make this more clear
      offica teel lok = people who are inside the office
      bharata teel praani= animals those inside India

      Hope this makes your doubt clear.

  6. Tarit Das says:

    ‘मध्येमधून’ का सही अर्थ क्या है ? कृपया उदाहरण के साथ समझा दिजीये |

    • Akshay says:

      I think it is “madhunmadhun” which translates to “intermittently” in English.

      It is raining intermittently = madhunmadhun paus padat aahe.

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