Marathi grammar

The grammar of Marathi language is very similar to that of Hindi. After all it is Grammar. It must contain  nouns, pronouns, verbs, tenses ,subjects, objects,prepositions and many more things which we never liked in our school days.Let us  go through the similarities and differences of Marathi language with the languages you know.


There are three genders in Marathi.Masculine, Feminine and Neuter.

Marathi Nouns and Pronouns 

They are there. You can start learning them right here : Marathi pronouns

Marathi Verbs and Tenses

Marathi language follows Subject-Object-Verb format. All sentences generally end with verbs unless there are any complex clauses involved.

In Marathi you say I(subject)   Mosquitoes (object)  Kill(verb)  and not I(subject)  kill(verb)  mosquitoes(object) . You can begin learning rules of  Tenses in Marathi here.

Marathi Inflection

The  Marathi nouns and sometimes Marathi Adjectives slightly distort themselves to agree with the gender(masculine/feminine/neuter) or number(singular/plural) or case of the sentences. Now what exactly is inflection you can learn here in Adjectives in Marathi.

Marathi Prepositions and Conjunctions

They are no different. Just like Hindi or English, Marathi prepositions and conjunctions do their job of being prepositions and conjunctions. You can start learning them here :  Marathi prepositions & Marathi conjunctions 

Cases in Marathi

This is slightly difficult concept to digest. It is better if you learn Sanskrit first and then read this lesson on Cases in Marathi.




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