Learn Marathi : But Why ?

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Now that you have landed on this page; you’re wondering whether to learn Marathi or not. Whether to spend 10 minutes of precious time each day which otherwise can happily be wasted on internet doing facebook. Here I give you top 10 convincing reasons why you must learn Marathi.

10. Sharpen cognitive skills.

There couldn’t be any better mental exercise than learning a second language.Your brain cells grow and you become clever. Research has already shown that learning a language improves cognitive abilities and delays mental dementia by 5-6 years. Now you may ask, why Marathi? Why not French, German or say Swahili. If you are living in Maharasthra , you must learn Marathi.You must learn a language of the place where you work, the language which your friends or colleagues talk, the language you hear every day. Don’t ignore Indian languages just because they don’t look glamorous. They are Indian too, just like you and I.

9. Travel

Maharashtra is a complete tourist destination and a delight for travel lovers. Hills, Ghats, Sanctuaries, Beaches, Tigers, Forts, Caves, Temples-and what not. Get some knowledge of Marathi and enhance your travel experience by multitudes.Discover the unnamed, untamed nooks and crannies, that are hidden for most others.(see travel phrases in Marathi)

8. Culture and People

Language is a ladder to the culture and people. Language helps you understand its people, traditions, festivals and culture.You have heard “ Ganpati Bappa Morya, Pudhcya varshi lavkar ya “ but ever wondered what it actually means? . Learn Marathi.

7. Socialize.

Knowing Marathi will help you to interact with more the number of people in Maharashtra. This means new friends and friends of new friends. You earn an opportunity to expand your social circle.

6. Be more appealing

Let’s be honest. Whether it’s new friends, someone we want to date, or perhaps a current or potentially new employer, we always take efforts to impress someone. Knowing the second language definitely shows intelligence, style and a certain amount of mystique. It definitely makes you stand out from other idiots. Who knows, your romantic marathi lines in Marathi can bring a smile on “her” face and melt her heart………..forever.


Top companies often look for employees with local language skills.State government jobs also have you-must-know-Marathi policy.You open up a newspaper, and see how companies in Pune and Mumbai demand job applicants fluent in Marathi,especially in customer service and sales sectors.

4. Business

Whether you are a doctor in Pune,learning to communicate directly with more of your patients or a customer service representative in Mumbai, learning to solve more customers’ problems. Whether you are a simple grocery shop owner in Kolhapur, negotiating with hundreds of customers or a TV journalist in Nagpur, questioning people on daily basis. Your business requires deep trust and loyalty from your customers .If you don’t speak the local language then you are not the main actor in their country; you are just a bewildered guest. Your business strongly depends on the strength and quality of your local relationships.

3. Daily use

Do you find difficulty in reading Marathi Signboards ?You embarrassingly ask a Taxiwala to repeat what he just said to you.You struggle to communicate with your housemaid.State government officials are not friendly with you and neither are the traffic cops.You wait for the English announcements on Railway platforms. You require agents to decode municipality bills, house agreements, electricity bills and even RTO forms. Break away all these daily hassles. Learn Marathi; make your life easy and comfy.

2. Money

Mumbai is a dream city. The financial capital of India, houses the headquarters of almost all companies. It has largest stock exchange, biggest port and the biggest film industry. The city is overflowing with Money. Pune, the IT and educational hub, is on the verge of becoming a metropolitan city. Opportunities are endless. Marathi is the language majority of the people speak here. You are not greedy but you certainly would like to take the advantage over others and make more money by learning Marathi.

1. Just because it is easy

Learning Marathi is far far easier than learning any other Indian regional language. You already know 80% of Marathi if you know Hindi. All you have to do is twist some words and learn a little syntax. You know the script already and you know the language much more than you think. Invest 10 minutes your time each day. Read lessons. Solve exercises. Believe me, benefits of learning Marathi overflow. Just reap them.

Mindurmarathi.com offers you all the resources required to learn Marathi online.Read ” How to use this website to learn Marathi “.

13 comments on “Learn Marathi : But Why ?
  1. Anantheeswaran says:

    Thanks for this wonderful programme. I hope to improve my fluency in Marathi

  2. Kamal H. Jeswani says:

    मला मराठी शिकायची आहे. कृपया करून मार्गदर्शन करा.

    • Akshay says:

      Welcome to mindurmarathi.com. Step by step guide to learn Marathi is given on this page : How to learn Marathi in 30 day. Just click the get started button from the home page

      thanks and regards.

  3. Dr tarun singh gangwar says:

    dear teacher my family originally is from maharashtra my ancestors come to uttar pradesh some 200 years during the battle of panipat . now we are typical upites but i want to learn language of my roots . i salute your effort.



  4. surender says:

    i’m now Maharashtra, & I learn Marathi language….

  5. neetu choudhary says:

    माझा मराठी सिख्याच्गी aahe कृपया karoon मार्ग्दर्सन करा

  6. Ethirajulu K says:

    I want to learn Marathi pl teach me online for 30 days

  7. Gemini says:

    Hey, this looks like a very useful website. I am from Europe and have never been exposed to any Indian language apart from just a few words reading novels such as “Shantaram” or randomly meeting Indian people.
    I am now drawn to Marathi through spiritual teachings that originated in the Maharashtra state. I feel I need to learn Marathi to deepen my understanding of the material I have read in English. I have no idea whether I will ever live in India, especially whether it would be in Maharashtra. Could you give me your opinion on whether I should learn Hindi and then Marathi, if I might end up in India some day? Is it much load or just a little more than learning Marathi alone? Thank you.

    • Akshay says:

      Hi Gemini,

      I suggest you to go for Hindi. Hindi is spoken all over the India including Maharashtra. Most of the Maharashtrians speak Hindi as their second language.You won’t have any trouble communicating with them in Hindi.

      We have another website and a mobile app for learning Hindi. : http://www.mindurhindi.com. This will help you in learning Hindi.


  8. Anonymous says:

    thanx this site is very helpful to learn Marathi

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