Describing others in Marathi………..

learn marathi pronouns

First two lessons taught you how to tell something about yourself. What you learned were Marathi counterparts of English “I”.  In this lesson you will learn Marathi equivalents of You, He, She and It.


Marathi Transliteration Hindi English
तू गब्बर आहे .
tu gabbar ahe तू गब्बर है | You are Gabbar.
तू बसंती आहे .
tu basanti ahe तू बसंती है | You are Basanti.
तू कालिया आहे.
tu kaliya ahe. तू कालिया है | You are Kaliya.
तू सांभा आहे.
tu sambha ahe. तू सांभा है | You are Saambha.


Mathematically speaking :

If          I am Gabbar = मी गब्बर आहे.

then    You are Gabbar =  तू गब्बर आहे.

if                 I =  मी

then     You =  तू

same “equations” work with He , She and It.

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Marathi Transliteration Hindi English
तो गब्बर आहे .
to gabbar ahe वह गब्बर है | He is Gabbar.
ती बसंती आहे .
tee basanti ahe वह बसंती है | She is Basanti.
तो राहुल आहे.
to rahul ahe. वह राहुल है | He is Rahul.
ती राणी आहे.
tee raani ahe. वह रानी है | She is Rani.
तो राम आहे .
to ram ahe. वह राम है | He is Ram.
ती सीता आहे.
tee seeta ahe. वह सीता है | She is Seeta.
ते झाड आहे.
te zaad ahe. वह पेड़ है | It is a tree.
ते फुल आहे.
te flower ahe. वह फूल है | It is a flower.



  तू = You

तो= He

ती = She

ते  = It

Solve the exercise on this chapter to quickly memorize what you just learned

2nd and 3rd person pronouns


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31 comments on “Describing others in Marathi………..
  1. Poonam says:

    The lessons are put up in a very well mannered. Learnt 3 lessons in 15 mints. It is great!!!

  2. Amitabha Roy says:

    Quiz ques 3: Is there any difference between “तू सचिन आहेस” and “तू सचिन आहे”?

  3. Dheeraj says:

    How do you address somebody who is elder to you in marathi (like in Hindi there is “aap”)?

  4. Jimmy says:

    Very nice! BTW, the third and fourth transliterations don’t match…

  5. Shavez says:

    How will i say in marathi that:
    1. She speaks marathi.
    2. He speaks marathi.
    And if I am talking about a robot,then,
    3. It speaks marathi.

  6. Shavez says:

    4. You speak marathi

  7. angel says:

    ENGLISH: It does work.(suppose ‘it’ is a neuter form),then,
    MARATHI: Ha/Te kaam _____

  8. neha says:

    which of the sentences are right ?
    1] to kaam kareet hota
    2] to kaam karat hota.
    3]tee kaam kareet hotee.
    4]tee kaam karat hotee.
    5]te kaam karat hote .
    6]te kaam kareet hote.

  9. Vil says:

    It’s great job on your part (administrator). You have given us the most needed help in a very easy, interactive and organised manner (trough this website). Thank you very much!

  10. shoba srinivas says:

    I appreciate ur effort in making this online course. I am new to maharashtra and i am enjoying every course…u hv made learning marathi so simple n easy :)

  11. sanjay rana says:

    Please let me know about any book available in pune for learning marathi from hindi

  12. sunil navani says:

    in hindi when we want to show respect to elder instead of tu we say aap .. any such difference in marathi ?

    lessons are very good . please keep it up

  13. shikhar says:

    Khub chaan watla asaa training serva kada jhali paija grt work

  14. Ganesh Sharma says:

    अच्छी साईट है।

  15. Anonymous says:

    तू मस्त आहे

  16. Anonymous says:

    मी मराठी शिकतो | and this is an awsum website. keep it up dude :)

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