marathi adjectives.

तू छान दिसतो /दिसते.

(tu chaan disto/diste)

You look nice.
करीना सुंदर आहे.

(kareena sundar aahe)

Kareena is beautiful.
हा टेबल घाण आहे.

(haa table ghaan aahe)

This table is dirty.
तो टेबल स्वच्छ होता.

(to table swatch hotaa)

That table was clean.
ती कुरूप आहे.

(ti kuroop aahe)

She is ugly.
अमिताभ उंच आहे.

(amitaabh unch aahe)

Amitabh is tall.
जया ठेंगणी आहे.

(jayaa thengani aahe)

Jaya is short.
अदनान लट्ठ आहे.

(adnaan lattha aahe)

Adnan is fat.
करीना बारीक आहे.

(kareena baareek aahe)

Kareen is thin.
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  1. Nandakumar says:

    I find the lessons interesting. They have been devised intelligently. Simple exercises on each lesson would be helpful.
    Please include simple lessons dealing with Marathi culture, history and places. Great work. Please keep it up.

    • Akshay says:

      Thank you Nandakumar. This website is in its early stage. Soon I will incorporate exercises for every lesson.
      and I liked your idea about the lessons on Marathi culture. I will start thinking in this direction too.

      Thanks alot.
      Happy Marathi Learning :)

  2. Wilson says:

    Thanks a lot for the efforts you made.
    I was looking for a place to learn atleast the basic of Marathi.

    I can see that you took A lot of pain to build such a site.

  3. TNT says:

    Your website is too tempting ! It keeps me showing the links of hush puppies bags n galaxy S3 and as far as content is concerned flash cards are the best part !

  4. Shadan Khan says:

    thanks………..i hope.i learn soon speak marathi………thanks every one…….

  5. Nitesh says:

    Hi, the website is very good. I am still learning and learnt good basic marathi.

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