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 The first chapter was about learning ” I ” and  ” My ” of Marathi. I assume that you know how to  tell your name and you know the difference between माझा , माझी &  माझे. Now I want you to learn a few more words. Words or rather verbs which will help you to explain something more about you. 

Learn “How do you give your introduction in Marathi”. This introduction is nothing but answers of :

  1. What is your name ?
  2. What do you do ?
  3. Where do live ?
  4. What do you learn ?
  5. What do you speak ?
  6. Where do you work ?

Answers of all these questions will form your first ever introduction in Marathi.

Let us start

माझे नाव बराक ओबामा आहे.

(Maze naav Barak Obama ahe)

मेरा नाम बराक ओबामा है |  My name is Barack Obama

मी डॉक्टर आहे.

(Mi Doctor ahe)    

मै डॉक्टर हूँ | I am a doctor.

माझा फोन नंबर ५५६६२२ आहे.

(Maza phone number 556622 ahe) 

मेरा फोन नंबर ५५२२६६ है | My phone number is 556622

मी TCS मध्ये काम करतो .

(Mee TCS madhe kam karto )

मै TCS मे काम करता हूँ | I work in TCS.

मी मुंबईला राहतो.

(Mee Mumbai la rahato) 

मै मुंबई मे रहता हूँ |  I live in Mumbai.

मी मराठी शिकतो.

(Mee  marathi shikto)   

मै मराठी सीखता हूँ |  I learn Marathi

मी हिंदी बोलतो .

(Mee  hindi  bolto)   

मै हिंदी बोलता हूँ | I speak Hindi.


Is this getting too big to digest ?

Worry not. Don’t memorize . Just read them once and observe its similarity with Hindi sentences .

We can actually say that Hindi and Marathi are daughters of Sanskrit. So it is quite natural for these two sisters to look similar.Hindi almost exhibits 1 : 1 correspondence with Marathi. As  I have been repeatedly telling, Marathi words when twisted a little become Hindi words and vice-versa. “बोलतो”  is बोलता हूँ ”  and “राहतो”  is “रहता हूँ”.  That is why Marathi is easiest language to learn if you know Hindi.

In Marathi, there is a difference when a lady speaks  and when a gentleman speaks. Unlike English, you can actually find out the gender of the author whom you are reading. Verbs slightly modify themselves to suit to the gender. Same is the case in Hindi. See the picture below. It is all self-explanatory.



As the picture tells us, the suffix of the verb is different for masculine and feminine gender. For masculine: all verbs in present tense end with “तो”  and for feminine: all verbs  end with “ते”.

Lets have a quick recap of  what we just read:

You learned 5 new verbs in Marathi. 1)Live 2)Speak 3)Learn 4) Work  and 5) Is (be verb)

and you learned how to use these verbs to give your first ever introduction in Marathi .

So , before closing this page and going to surf other not-so-important websites please take a quiz and solve exercises . This will help to grasp what you just read so the  hard-work of  last 10 minutes does not go waste.


Your introduction (Personal pronouns)

Answer the following

Congratulations - you have completed Your introduction (Personal pronouns).

You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%.

Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%

Your answers are highlighted below.
Shaded items are complete.

Your introduction II


Congratulations - you have completed Your introduction II.

You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%.

Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%

Your answers are highlighted below.
Shaded items are complete.



Reading Practice

Introduction (Male) :

am/is/are आहे. मी मुलगा आहे. मी इंजिनिअर आहे. मी जोकर आहे.
work काम करतो . मी काम करतो. मी बँक मध्ये काम करतो मी रेल्वे मध्ये काम करतो.
live राहतो मी पुण्याला राहतो. मी दिल्ली ला राहतो मी चेन्नईला राहतो.
learn शिकतो मी गुजराती शिकतो. मी तेलगु शिकतो. मी बंगाली शिकतो.
speak बोलतो. मी जर्मन बोलतो. मी फ्रेंच बोलतो. मी अरबी बोलतो.

Introduction (Female):

am/is/are आहे. मी मुलगी आहे. मी इंजिनिअर आहे. मी जोकर आहे.
work काम करते. मी काम करते. मी बँक मध्ये काम करते मी रेल्वे मध्ये काम करते.
live राहते. मी पुण्याला राहते. मी दिल्लीला राहते मी चेन्नईला राहते.
learn शिकते मी गुजराती शिकते. मी तेलगु शिकते. मी बंगाली शिकते.
speak बोलते. मी जर्मन बोलते. मी फ्रेंच बोलते. मी अरबी बोलते.

Next lesson:Describe others in Marathi>>>>

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  2. अवनीश says:

    बहुत अच्छा तरीका है ये सीखने का|

    मैं इस साईट पर नया हूँ| आज से सीखना शुरू किया है|
    उम्मीद है कि तीस दिन में काफी सीख लूँगा|

  3. Akshay says:

    धन्यवाद अवनीश जी| आशा करता हूँ आप अपने १० मिनट यह वेबसाईट पर हर दिन बितायेंगे और नई भाषा सीखने का आनंद लेंगे|

    • अवनीश सिंह says:

      जी, जरूर
      मी मराठी अवश्य शिकेन|
      तुम्ही सांगितलत तर मी शिकेन|

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    The tone used is a pleasant one, making it a joy to go through the lesson.

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    Amazing website sir.. having been in Mumbai for a while now, I can understand Marathi.. but wasn’t very sure when it came to conversing.. this is surely a very simple and effective way to learn.. in fact.. such websites for all Indian languages will help overcome the language barrier that we face when travelling through our own country. Kudos!!

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    • Akshay says:

      mera is maaza
      in Marathi we say mere naam that is maaze naav .

      • ravi says:

        please translate this in Marathi

        my name is ravi
        I lives in Varanasi
        I came from Varanasi
        I completed my graduation from Allahabad university and post graduation from bhu
        presently I am working as teacher at chs , which is a part of bhu.

        • Akshay says:

          Hi Ravi,
          The first two sentence you should be able to translate on your own after reading first two lessons. The other two I am translating for you.
          I came from varanasi = मी वाराणसी चा आहे. (It is like I am of Varanasi)
          I completed my graduation from Allahabad university and post graduation from bhu =
          presently I am working as teacher at chs , which is a part of bhu. मी माझे graduation अलाहाबाद विद्यापीठातून केले आणि post graduation बी एच यु मधून . सध्या मी सी एच एस मध्ये शिक्षक म्हणून काम करतो आहे.

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    Where to use Maze & Maza

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    As in someones reply , you have mentioned that the sufffix -la means “to”.
    Then what does ” ME MUMBAILA RAHTO ” mean.
    please reply

    • Akshay says:

      Hi Raj,

      English and Marathi do not hold one is to one correspondence.So,it is not always that “to” of English is “la” of Marathi.There are no rules,it is only a way of teaching.


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    My Marathi friend says if I have to say ‘I live in Mumbai’ it needs to be:
    Mee Mumbait Rahto
    rather than: Mee Mumbaila Rahto, which according to him mean I live AT Mumbai which is ofcourse grammatically wrong.

    Please clarify.

    • Akshay says:

      Hi Godwin,

      First, Mi Mumbai la rahato doesn’t translate to I live AT Mumbai.Do not go by word to word translation.

      Secondly, Mee Mumbait Rahto and Mumbai la Rahto both sentences are correct and they both mean ” I live in Mumbai”. Their usage depends on the situation.
      If you are Delhi and want to tell someone that you live in Mumbai, You will say : Mee Mumbai la Rahto
      If you are Mumbai and want to tell someone that you live in Mumbai then you can say : Mee Mumbait Rahto.

      Hope I cleared your doubt.

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