Please understand me

This one is pretty useful  for all those who are in relationships and particularly more useful to the male community.  I advise all husbands and boyfriends to keep this sentence handy and use it extravagantly.

Please understand me = मला समजून घे   (malaa samjoon ghe)  or  मला समज (malaa samaj)

The verb here we are using is  “To understand”  = “समज-णे” (samaja-ne)

and we are using the request form of the verb.  Read a lesson dedicated to requesting in Marathi.

Let us learn a few more sentences containing the verb “to understand”.

मला समजले . (malaa samaj-le) =  I understood.

हे समजायला कठीण आहे . ( he samajaayla katheen aahe ) =  This is difficult to understand.

मी काय बोललो तू ते समजलास का ?  ( mee kaay bolalo tu te samajlaas ka ? ) = Did you understand what I said ?

   समज-णे =  To understand


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3 comments on “Please understand me
  1. Richa says:

    OK… The side-note is really funny! :)

  2. Alex says:

    Why mala samajle it should be samajlo

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