What does “Navrai Maajhi ” in movie English Vinglish mean in Marathi ?

Marathi lines :

नवराई माझी लाडाची लाडाची ग…. आवड हिला चंद्राची चंद्राची ग…….

नवराई माझी नवसाची नवसाची ग…अप्सरा जशी इंद्राची इंद्राची ग…….

Navrai majhi ladachi ladachi ga….. Awad heela chandrachi chandrachi ga..

Navrai majhi navsachi navsachi ga.. ..Apsara jashi Indrachi Indrachi ga..

English Translation :

My new bride has been pampered and loved.. The moon is what she has a liking for..

My new bride has been gifted by God.. She is like a celestial nymph of Demigod Indra.

मराठी English Details
नवरी/नवराई Bride
लाडाची Pampered लाड करणे = to pamper (verb)
आवड liking आवड-णे = to like (verb)
माझी My [Personal pronouns]
Expression of affection used for girls/women
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One comment on “What does “Navrai Maajhi ” in movie English Vinglish mean in Marathi ?
  1. Trailokya says:

    Beautiful!! By the way what is the meaning of Navsachi?

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