Words for the rainy season : Wet

कपडे ओले आहेत. (kapde ole aahet)

Clothes are wet.

माझा शर्ट ओला आहे. (maazaa shirt olaa aahe)

My shirt is wet.

माझी  pant ओली आहे. (maazi pant oli aahe)

My pant is wet.

This lesson not only taught you the new word but also the use of inflecting adjectives. To understand rules behind inflecting adjectives visit : Adjectives in marathi.

wet = ओला /ओली/ओले

Practice the newly learnt word to describe  hair (केस ), car (गाडी ) , road (रस्ता) or whichever word you can come up with. Write you answers in the comment box.



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