Things you do while driving

Marathi verb for “to drive” or “to ride” is ” चालविणे ” (chaalvine)

Raju drives a car  =  राजू कार चालवितो.(raju car chaalvito)

Raju rides a bicycle = राजू  सायकल चालवितो (raju cycle chaalvito)

If you want someone to drive slow or to drive fast , you would say :

कार हळू चालव  (car halu chaalav)= Drive slowly

or on the roads, you have might have come across this signboard :

वाहने हळू चालवा. (vaahane halu chaalva) = Drive vehicles slowly ( Formal)

Opposite to this is :

कार वेगाने  चालव  (car vegaane chaalav)= Drive fast.

If you want  someone to stop (थांब-णे) , you would say :

गाडी थांबव. (gadi thaambav) = Stop /Pull over

or simply but pollitely (formally)

थांबा (thaambaa)= Stop.

There is a difference between “to stop” and “to make someone stop”

कार थांबली. (car thaambli) = Car stopped

कार थांबविलीcar thambvili) = Someone made the car stop.

to drive = चालविणे 

to stop  =  थांबणे

to make someone stop  = थांबविणे 


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