I would like to ……..

मला खेळायला आवडेल  (mala khelaayala aavdel )

I would like to play.

मला धावायला आवडेल .(malaa dhaavaayla aavdle)

I would like to run.

मला तुला भेटायला आवडेल.(malaa tula bhetaayla aavdel)

I would like to meet you.

मला तुला पुन्हा भेटायला आवडेल.(malaa tulaa punhaa bhetaayla aavdel)

I would like to meet you again .

I would like to =  मला  verb+आयला  आवडेल.
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2 comments on “I would like to ……..
  1. Madhusmita Paul Mazumder says:

    तुम्हाला हे गाणं कसं वाटलं?…..what will be the meaning??

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