मी Password विसरलो/विसरली

How to say “I forgot something” in Marathi :

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मी Password विसरलो/विसरली. (mee password visrlo/visrli )

मै Password भूल गया |
I forgot my Password.

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Similar sentences


I [ Marathi pronouns] अजय नोटबुक विसरला.(Ajay forgot his notebook)

माधुरी पेन विसरली.(Madhuri forgot her pen )

मी त्याचा वाढदिवस विसरलो. (I forgot his Birthday)


Forgot विसर-णे = to forget

विसरलो = forgot.





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2 comments on “मी Password विसरलो/विसरली
  1. Dheeraj says:

    Is “visroon gela” different from “visarlo”?

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