How old are you ?

Formal : तुमचे  वय काय आहे ?  (tumche vay kaay aahe?)

Informal : तुझे वय काय आहे  ? (tuze vay kaay aahe ?)

“वय = age”

ANSWER : माझे वय  १० वर्षे आहे . (maaze vay dahaa varshe aahe)

I am 10 years old.

Now please write down your age in Marathi in the comment box below :)

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3 comments on “How old are you ?
  1. Richa says:

    Mazhe vaye sattavees varsh aahe 😀

  2. Sameena Sayyed says:

    maazhe vay 26 varsha aahe

  3. c v rama krishna says:

    maaajhe vay 40 varshee aahe.

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