Object pronouns

There are two types of pronouns. Subject pronouns and Object pronouns.

Let’s see this with an example.

“Ajay kills snakes. Ajay eats snakes. Ajay cooks snakes.”

All above sentences have only one subject: Ajay. The subject is main actor of the sentence. He is the one who do all the action.

The above sentences have one object: Snake. Snake doesn’t do anything. It only receives action from Ajay. The role of an object is to receive actions from the subject.

Now, as we know, pronoun is a word  that substitutes for a noun in a sentence. Lets read above sentences by substituting pronouns in place of nouns.

“Ajay kill snakes. He eats them. He cooks them.”

Ajay being a subject noun got replaced with a subject pronoun : He.

Snake being  an object noun got replaced with an object pronoun : Them.(Not they)

Me,you,him,her,it,them,us are all object pronouns in English. In Marathi also, object form of a pronoun look different from its subject form.

“मी” doesn’t stay “मी”. It becomes “मला”. All marathi pronouns in their object form look same like what they are in subject form except they all get a suffix “ला” behind them.

Marathi Transliteration English
गब्बर मला मारतो. Gabbar malaa maarto. Gabbar hits me.
गब्बर आम्हाला मारतो. Gabbar aamhaalaa maarto. Gabbar hits us.
गब्बर तुला मारतो. Gabbar tulaa maarto. Gabbar hits you.
गब्बर तुम्हाला मारतो. Gabbar tumhaalaa maarto. Gabbar hits you.
गब्बर त्याला मारतो. Gabbar tyaalaa maarto. Gabbar hits him.
गब्बर तिला मारतो. Gabbar tilaa maarto. Gabbar hits her.
गब्बर त्यांना मारतो. Gabbar tyaanna maarto. Gabbar hits them
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    इट्स गुड तो लेअर्न फ्रोम हिस सिय\ते अंड अस तो मी कॉन्सिर्ण इत वेरी इस्य फ्रोम ठिस सीते तो लेअर्न मराठी इ वौल्द देफिनेत्ली रेकॉम्मेंद ओठेर्स तो लेअर्न फ्रोम ठिस site

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    its realy lern easy…..
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