Tenses – I

marathi simple present tense ,past, future ,continuous,learn marathi online

Singular Present Tense Past tense Future Tense
Verb + तो Verb + लो Verb + एन/णार
Verb + तोस Verb + लास Verb + शील/णार
Verb + तो Verb + ला Verb + एल/णार
Verb + ते Verb + ली Verb + एल/णार


Singular Present Tense Past tense Future Tense
Verb + तो Verb + लो Verb + ऊ/णार
Verb + ता Verb + ला Verb + आल/णार
Verb + तात Verb + ले Verb + तील/णार
जा / जाणे  Present  Past  Future
मी/आम्ही  मुंबईला जातो गेलो जा-णार
I/we go went will go
तू मुंबईला जातोस गेलास जा-णार
तुम्ही मुंबईला जातात गेलात जा-णार
तो मुंबईला जातो गेला जा-णार
ती मुंबईला जाते गेली जा-णार
ते मुंबईला जातात गेलेत जा-णार
22 comments on “Tenses – I
  1. mauri says:

    chaan example aahe.mala majhya aani majha , aamcha va aamchya hyanche difference boltos?..me marathi shiknyachi praytn karat aahe.

    • Akshay says:

      Lets see this with an example.
      माझा देश
      माझ्या देशाचे नाव.

      आमचा देश
      आमच्या देशाचे नाव

      In nominative case, you use माझा otherwise माझ्या .

  2. mauri says:

    majhi aayi
    majhya aayiche naav

  3. honey says:

    i understood the present , past, and future tenses in marathi. thank you sooooooooo much

  4. kusal says:

    मी तु ला प्रेम करतो is it correct??

  5. kusal says:

    can you plz list out some verbs!?!?

  6. Krishna Kant Ojha says:

    I trying to learn Marathi… I do not know the language now, so I am writing in English. But you’ve done a great job… hats off to you!! That’s how you must learn a language and its grammar.

  7. Anonymous says:

    khup mst , maratgi mdm chya students sathi khup mst.

  8. Tarit Das says:

    ‘milel’ aur ‘miltil’ mein antar kya hai ? udaharan ke sath samjhaiye.

  9. Vladimir says:

    Hi, Akshay! thanks a lot for your work! Your site is relly very, very helpful.
    Please, explain. In the above table, present tense, second person, plural: तुम्ही Verb + ता.
    But then in the examples: तुम्ही मुंबईला जातात. Which one is correct, – ता or -तात

  10. Anonymous says:

    डेअर sir, इट्स रेआळ्य़ आ गुड जोब फोर थे बेगीन्नेर्स व्हो ळेआऋण MARATHI. थान्क्स आ LOT. विष यौ अल थे बेस्ट फोर थे फुतुरे वोर्क्स तो हेल्प फेओफ्ळे व्हो वान्त्स तो ळेआऋण MARATHI.


  11. Anita says:


    I am confused . . . doesn’t verb ending depend on the gender of the speaker? For example, singular, present tense of “Mi” above has the ending “-to” and not, “-to” or “te.” Could you clarify? I thought the verb ending was modified by the gender of the speaker.

    Thank you so much for creating this website!!!


  12. shakur says:

    chan khup mast

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