How are you feeling now ?

Marathi sentence of the day:

आता  तुम्हाला कसे वाटते आहे ? (aata kase vaatate aahe ?)

How are you feeling now ?

Hindi English Lesson
आता(aataa) now
तुम्हाला (tumhaalaa) to you [Pronouns]
कसे  (kase) how  
वाट-णे (vaat-ne) To feel(verb) [present continuous tense]
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2 comments on “How are you feeling now ?
  1. Poonam says:

    If you’re asking the question to a guy, will the sentence still be the same or will it be

    आता तुम्हाला कसे वाटतो आहे?

    Please reply. I REALLY wanna know. Thanks. :)

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