Family relations in Marathi

English Marathi Transliteration
Father बाबा/वडील baabaa/vadeel
Mother आई aai
Brother भाऊ bhaau
Sister बहीण baheen
Son मुलगा mulgaa
Daughter मुलगी mulgee
Brother’s wife/ Sister in law वाहिनी vahinee
Uncle (Father’s brother) काका kaakaa
Aunt काकू kaaku
Uncle (Mother’s brother) मामा maamaa
Aunt मामी maami
Grand Father आजोबा aajobaa
Grand Mother आजी aaji
Aunt (Fathers’s sister) आत्या aatyaa
Aunt (Mother’s sister) मावशी maavshi
Mother in law सासू saasu
Father in law सासरे saasre
Son in law जावई jaavaai
Daughter in law सून soon
54 comments on “Family relations in Marathi
  1. Akshay says:

    Elder brother = दादा (daadaa)
    Elder sister = ताई (taayee)

  2. Narayana Pillai says:

    Great effort. It gives me immense pleasure to learn Marathi. Thanks and regards.

  3. bindas rd says:

    what do we call mom’s parents , i mean nana and nani ?? in marathi

  4. Mahesh says:

    What are the Marathi words for Father’s sister’s husband and Mother’s sister’s husband?

  5. Ankita says:

    Thanks to you I am learning marathi :)

  6. Rama says:

    Your website is fantastic. Thanks for putting so much effort into it. Please keep your website running.

  7. shashikala patil says:

    what we call to sister’shusbend in english

  8. sharma says:

    What is Sister called in Marathi?
    As per your website, it is called Bahin as we call in HIndi. But i have a number of friends who call sister as Bahini /Vahini.

    Please explain

  9. Jay says:

    What do you call Mama’s son and daughter? Also, What do you call Aatya’s son and daughter?

    We have separate names for these relations in my language, Tamil. Should be similar separate names in Marathi also I presume. Indian languages are very rich in family relations.

    What do you call your brother in law? (wife’s brother) What do you call your husband’s brother?

  10. M says:

    1. What are the marathi words for sister’s husband and husband’s sister?
    2. What does ‘म्हेवणा’ mean in marathi?

  11. wish yewale says:

    what does “Bhachi”(sisters daughter) menas in english????

  12. piyu says:

    what do will call DADAA and DADHI in marathi? and also NANAA and NAANI???….IS IT BOTH THE ANSWR Z aajobaa nd AAJI…???

  13. wife’s younger sister is called “sali” in hindi,what is word in marathi.

  14. Anusha says:

    what is the name for grandfather’s brother from the father’s side in marathi??

    please do tell….

  15. रणजीत says:

    आत्याच्या मुलाला आणि मुलीला मराठी मध्ये काय म्हणतात ?

  16. रणजीत says:

    दाजींच्या भावाला आणि बहिणीला मराठीमध्ये काय म्हणतात ?

  17. alpesh says:

    saasu-saasryanna(muliche aai-vadil) mulaane kontya navane haak maravi?

  18. Shraddha Shukla says:

    दाजी म्हणजे जिजाजी इन हिंदी ….

  19. Shraddha Shukla says:

    सासू आणि सासर्यांना जावयाने आई आणि बाबा किंवा बायको या नावाने हाक मारते त्या नावाने हाक मारावी ….

  20. amit says:

    Are he confusion aahe
    आत्या च्या husband laa nakki kay mhantat काका ki मामा.

    Aani sister in law la ताई ki बहिन

    Jitka mala mahit aahe fakt koknastha lokach aatya chya husband laa kaka mhanta.

  21. Rinkya says:

    Girl frns husband name = saddu..

  22. nadia lee says:

    Love your site am learning a lot from it many thanks keep up da good work. Am a South African indian & speak english yet coz of your web site am learning marthi tk u again

  23. krishnamoorthy gandhi says:

    nice to learn marathi
    through this website

    great thanks

  24. rashmi says:

    Hi gud job.you help for non marathi people.
    Devrani ko marathi me kya khate hai

  25. Anonymous says:

    What do we call brother in law in marathi

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