Exercise 1.3 : Describing others in Marathi……..

  • He is
    तो आहे
  • He is Gabbar.
    तो गब्बर आहे .
  • He is Kaliya
    तो कालिया आहे
  • She is
    ती आहे
  • She is Basanti.
    ती बसंती आहे .
  • She is Rani.
    ती राणी आहे.
  • It is
    ते आहे
  • It is a tree.
    ते झाड आहे.
  • It is a book
    ते पुस्तक आहे


2nd and 3rd person pronouns


Congratulations - you have completed 2nd and 3rd person pronouns.

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Exercise 1 :

Translate the following into Marathi

You are Ram
She is Seeta.
He is Laxman.
I am  Ram Gopal Verma.
You are Shyam Gopal Verma.
She is Seeta Sharma.
It is a tree.
It is a hospital.


Exercise 2  :

Translate the following into Marathi

He is Ram.
He is my brother.
He lives in Delhi.
He learns C++.
She is  Radha.
She is my sister.
She lives in Bangalore.
She learns Marathi.
Shyam is my father.
Geeta is my mother.



5 comments on “Exercise 1.3 : Describing others in Marathi……..
  1. Jyothi says:

    You are Ram—–To Ram aahe

    She is Seeta.—–Ti Seeta aahe

    He is Laxman.—–To Laxman aahe

    I am Ram Gopal Verma.—–Mi Ram Gopal Varma aahe

    You are Shyam Gopal Verma.—–To Shyam Gopal Varma aahe

    She is Seeta Sharma.—–Ti Seeta Sharma aahe

    It is a tree.—–Te jhad aahe

    It is a hospital.—–Te hospital aahe

    He is Ram.—–To Ram aahe

    He is my brother.—–To majha baau aahe

    He lives in Delhi.—–

    He learns C++.—–To C++ Shiktho

    She is Radha.—–Thi Radha aahe

    She is my sister.—–Thi majhe Bahina aahe

    She lives in Bangalore.

    She learns Marathi.—–Thi Marathi shiktho

    Shyam is my father.—–Shyam majhe baba aahe

    Geeta is my mother.—–Geeta mahjhi aai aahe

  2. Ruchi says:

    She learns Marathi – ti Marathi Shikte
    She lives in banglore – ti banglore madhye rathe

  3. Sonam says:

    You are Ram – Tu Ram aahe Is it Correct :)

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