Asking and Giving directions in Marathi

 Directions in Marathi

Directions in Marathi

 When you want to say which way to go : Use following Marathi phrases for directions

Go straight : सरळ जा (saral jaa)

Go  Ahead :  पुढे जा .( pudhe jaa)

Go back   :  मागे जा . (maage jaa)

If you want to make couple of turns before reaching to your destinations : Use following phrases

Right hand : उजवा हात (ujvaa haat)

Left hand :  डावा हात(daavaa haat)

Turn  Right : उजवीकडे वळा  (Ujveekade valaa)

Turn Left: डावीकडे वळा ( daaveekade valaa)

“कडे”  is towards in Marathi

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Using Where in Marathi………….

When you want to ask for directions to someone , use ” कुठे” (kuthe) which is Marathi equivalent of English “Where”.

Where is the Taj Mahaal ?

ताज महाल कुठे आहे ? ( Taaj Mahaal kuthe aahe ?)


Where is this address ?

हा पत्ता कुठे आहे ?  ( haa pattaa kuthe aahe ?)

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  1. Tarit Das says:

    What will be the marathi equivalent for the following sentence

    Ramesh went around the garden to meet his sister.

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