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Welcome to the very first class on ” Introduction to Marathi verbs”. Let’s learn Marathi verbs in present tense first.

Verbs show action. They show what main actor of your sentence is doing or what is happening around him.

” Ajay eats snakes”.

The main actor (noun) of this sentence is doing the action of  “eating”.

The root verb here is ” To eat”. The root form is called  infinitive form.

In English the infinitive of a verb is always  ‘to ___’, i.e to read, to speak, to walk etc. No matter which tense you are talking in,the infinitive form remains same. It is the main identity of the verb.This form takes a different suffix in different tenses. Like in present tense ,to eat is used as “eat” , in past tense it becomes “ate” and in continuous tense it becomes “eat-ing”. Marathi is no different.The infinitive form of verb ends with “णे”.  For example : उठ-णे (to wake ) , खा-णे(to eat) etc. Very similar to  Hindi उठ-ना or खा-ना.

This infinitive form of the verb will take different suffixes in different tenses. In present tense, you say ” मी उठ-तो ( I wake up) or “मी खा-तो” (I eat) . The use of suffix ” तो-ती-ते  depends upon the gender of actor of your sentence. e.g. ” सुलभ उठ-तो ”  &  ” राणी उठ-ते”.

Lets study only those Marathi verbs first which can be used in your day-to-day life.

how to say i wake up in marathi

learn marathi verbs online meaning of eat how to say..

i drink in marathi verbs

marathi verbs go in marathi learn marathi

Do not try to memorize.Read the following table and concentrate on the highlighted words.

मी   उठ-तो/ते.


(mee uthto/te) I wake up.

मी   ब्रेड खा-तो/ते आणि दुध पि-तो/ते .


(mee  bread khaato ani dudh pito/te) I eat bread and drink milk.

मी शाळेत जा-तो/ते.


(mee shaalet jaato/te) I go to the school.


मी  घरी ये-तो/ते .

(mee gharee yeto/te) I come home.

मी क्रिकेट खेळ-तो/ते.


 (mee cricket khelto/te) I play Cricket.


 मी होमवोर्क कर-तो/ते.

(mee homework karto/te) I do homework .

 मी  TV  बघ-तो/ते.

(mee tv baghto/te) I watch TV.

मी  झोप-तो/ते.

(mee zopto/te) I sleep

Verbs in Marathi

Practice before you forget.
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Reading Practice
To Wake up उठ-णे सचिन सकाळी उठतो . प्रिया दुपारी उठते . सौरव रात्री उठतो.
To eat खा-णे सचिन बिस्कीट खातो . प्रिया चपाती खाते. सौरव रसगुल्ला खातो.
To drink पि-णे सचिन पाणी पितो . प्रिया फ्रूटी पिते. सौरव दुध पितो.
To go जा-णे सचिन मुंबई ला जातो. प्रिया दिल्ली ला जाते. सौरव पुण्याला जातो.
To read वाच-णे सचिन पुस्तक वाचतो. प्रिया पेपर वाचते. सौरव पुस्तक वाचतो.
To come ये-णे सचिन मुंबई ला येतो प्रिया दिल्ली ला येते. सौरव पुण्याला येतो.
To play खेळ-णे सचिन क्रिकेट खेळतो. प्रिया गेम खेळते . सौरव कबड्डी खेळतो.
To do कर-णे सचिन अभ्यास करतो. प्रिया काम करते. सौरव मदत करतो.
To see/watch बघ-णे सचिन आकाश बघतो. प्रिया चंद्र बघते. सौरव पर्वत बघतो.
To sleep झोप-णे सचिन रात्री झोपतो. प्रिया रात्री झोपते. सौरव दुपारी झोपतो.

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25 comments on “Telling your “Daily Routine” in Marathi…..
  1. Bhupesh says:

    Q8 is good :)

  2. Bhupesh says:

    I wonder where do we use ती then, please clarify

    • Akshay says:

      ती is Marathi equivalent of English ” She”.
      for example : She eats a cake = ती केक खाते.
      She goes = ती जाते.

      but if you are talking about -ती as a suffix behind the root verb like तो/ते, then it is used nowhere. You might have heard root verb-ते but certainly not root verb-ती.
      for example : A boy would say मी खा-तो
      A girl would say मी खा-ते but not मी खा-ती

  3. Amitabha Roy says:

    This lesson is very simillar to “Your introduction in Marathi…”. I’ve read both more than 5 times and discovered the fact when I’m taking a note of these lessons. 😀

    • Akshay says:

      Yes actually, it is. But, in your introduction in Marathi, rules for making sentences in present tense were not explained. This explains and also begins the verbs and their modifications in different tenses.

  4. Mondira says:

    My friend who is a marathi said – mi gari la aali…
    but you are saying yete…
    i m confused

  5. Radhika says:

    what is aamhi?and when do u use hotat?

  6. Jimmy says:

    Love the way you teach and the pictorial examples…Amazing site you are maintaining Akshay! :)

  7. haneef nomani says:

    It is very good method of teaching and learning. Many many thanks Akshay bhai!

  8. Vikram says:

    there are also verbs like: करून,पाहून,जाऊन,etc. They all end with -ऊन. what does it mean? ,for eg,’हा करून असतात’

  9. Akshay says:

    No it is Bah-to only

  10. Akshay says:

    No it is Bagh-to only

  11. Shashi Ranjan says:


    This is a wonderful site not only from learning point of view rather from creativity point of view also.

    Shashi Ranjan

  12. anil says:

    How to say in english.
    salman yeto.
    aishvarya yete.

  13. Saurabh says:

    What about gerund? finite and non finite verbs…To Wake up उठ-णे सचिन सकाळी उठतो . प्रिया दुपारी उठते . सौरव रात्री उठतो.
    all are finite verbs….
    सचिन\NN सकाळी\NN उठतो\VF

  14. Patil khandan learing marathi says:

    Can someone please tell me what is the meaning of the following

    1.apan mala basu shaktata
    2.apan sarvotaam ahet
    3.apan betun Ananda jhale
    4.mi Bangalore madhye ahe paani Mi Marathi mahita
    5.aapn aadi betlo ahot ka

    Thank you

  15. Sanchita Das says:

    The lessons are very interesting. Love going through them. :)

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