Using ” Can” in Marathi

Till now you have seen that how a sentence in the present tense can be converted in to the past tense by just changing the suffix behind the verb.Entire Marathi is about playing and twisting verbs.In this lesson, we shall see, just by slightly modifying the root form of the verb, how a verb can be made to express different meanings.

Can is an auxiliary verb.Marathi equivalent of can is “शक-णे”  similar to  “सक-ना” in Hindi. However, when you want to say ” I can do it”  in Marathi, you have to do one more task apart from putting “शक-तो/ते/तात”  in the sentence. You have to put the sound of  “oooooo” or “ऊ”  behind the root form of the verb.

The sentence becomes what it is shown in the picture :  मी  (root verb) + ऊ   शक-तो/ते.

मी  (कर) + ऊ   शक-तो/ते.

मी  करू  शक-तो/ते.

The root verb  ” कर”  becomes “करू”, “खेळ” becomes “खेळू”  and “खा” becomes ” खाऊ”.

Read the following table to quickly learn the use of ” Can” in Marathi

Marathi English
मी होमवर्क करू शकतो/ते.mee homewrk karu shakto/te. I can the homework.
सचिन क्रिकेट खेळू शकतो.sachin cricket khelu shakto I can  play Cricket.
आम्ही मराठी शिकू शकतो.amhi marathi shiku shakto. We can learn  Marathi
मी मराठी बोलू शकतो.mee marathi bolu shakto/te. I can speak  Marathi
मी ऑफिस जाऊ शकतो/ते.me office la jau shakto/te. I can  go to the office
तू हा आंबा खाऊ शकतो.tu ha aamba khau shakto/te. You can eat  this mango.

If you want to make a question using “Can”. It is very very simple .All you have to do is to put ” का”  behind the sentence.

Can I do it ?  = मी करू शकतो का ?

Can you speak Hindi ? = तू हिंदी बोलू शकतो का ?

Can I sit here ?              = मी इथे बसू शकतो  का ?

That’s it. This lesson is finished.

The lesson was easy but you are definitely gonna forget unless you solve this exercise : “Using “Can” in Marathi.

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  1. Shavez says:

    Can you explain me the difference between:
    -these are used to make a negative sentences in Marathi.

  2. Shavez says:

    what about नसे?

  3. Anuja says:

    Sir hindi english har language ke shabdo ka area bahut vast hai,hum itne sare shabdo ko marathi me kese aur kya bolte hain kese jaan paenge.Please agar iska koi solution ho to bataiye….

    • Akshay says:

      hello anuja,

      hindi aur english ke jaada tar shabd marathi se milte hai. unhe dhyaan me rakhna kaafi aasaaan hai. aap roz thoda samay marathi padhate ya sunte rahiye.. aasani se aapko saare shaabd yaad rahenge.

  4. Veeru Kori says:

    me Marathi shikto . धन्यवाद

    I am beginner. but very much interested in learning different languages. please help me to learn Marathi as soon as possible. thank you

    • Akshay says:

      Hi Veeru,

      Start spending 10 mins daily on this website.Gradually u’ll pick up words and rules.This is the easiest way to learn any language without getting bored.


  5. Avinash says:

    Hi! Thanks for the excellent guidance to Marathi speaking students. Look forward to more. Please send me more info and oblige.

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