Can you take a photo of me?

आपण माझा एक फोटो घेऊ शकता का ? (aapan maazaa ek photo gheu shakta kaa?)

There are two verbs to learn in this lesson.

First is the main verb which  is : “घेणे”   means “to take”  and the second is an auxiliary verb which is ” शकणे” means ” can” in English.

The major point is to see  how main verb modifies  in presence of auxiliary verb.

Let us see some more examples to learn the rule.

आपण माझ्या साठी चहा आणू शकता का ?  (aapan mazyaa sathi chahaa aanu shakta ka?)

Can you bring tea for me ?

Main verb :  To bring = आणणे


तू क्रिकेट खेळू शकतो का ? (tu cricket khleu shakto ka?)

can you play cricket ?

Main verb: To play = खेळ-णे


The main verb takes the sound of  “oooooo” or ” ऊ”  when it comes with an auxiliary verb. You may learn similar sentences in this lesson : Can in Marathi. 


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