Basic words and phrases

A click on following buttons will take you to the pages containing some basic Marathi words and phrases translated into English . I have tried to compile a list of sentences which are of day-to-day use. It might be handy if you memorize them but it is very much recommended to start with Marathi lessons first to understand the rules which govern  formation of  these sentences.

6 comments on “Basic words and phrases
  1. R.R.Nair says:

    I would like to speak marathi. Thanks

    • Akshay says:

      You’re welcome.To learn Marathi effectively,spend your 10-15 minutes of free time reading lessons and more importantly, solving exercises.Subscribe or like us on Facebook/twitter to receive daily Marathi sentences.

  2. Aasim Ansari says:

    I aspire to become a doctor but my Marathi is weak as a result of which I am unable to communicate well with patients…please do include some doctor dialogues such as :
    Eg. Doc : are there any illnesses that run in your family ?
    Or any such relevant questions asked by doctors while taking the patients history.
    Thank you.

  3. anandhjak says:

    thank you for this help

  4. Srishti Arya says:

    kya mai hindi mein bol sakti hoon?…isko marathi mein kaise bolenge

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