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If you want to ask ” What time is it in Marathi ? ,” you would say :

किती वाजले  ?  (kiti vaajle)

Complete analysis of above sentences can be found here : Asking for the time in Marathi

The answer of this question is  , for example :

If it is 3 o’clock :  ३ वाजले (teen vaajle )

If it is quarter past 3 : सव्वा ३ वाजले  (savvaa teeen vaajle)

If it is half past 3 : साडे ३ वाजले ( saade teeen vaajle)

If it is quarter to 4 : पाऊणे  चार वाजले (paaune chaar vaajle)


If it is like  5 minutes past 3  then  : ३ वाजून ५ मिनिटे  (teen vaajun paach minite)

 or    17 minutes past 3 then :  ३ वाजून १७ मिनिटे. (teen vaajun sataraa minite)


Days of the week

Somvaar Monday
Mangalvaar Tuesday
Budhvaar Wednesday
Guruvaar Thursday
Shukravaar Friday
Shanivaar Saturday
Ravivaar Sunday
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  1. Thomas Lecoffre says:

    Hi, thank you a lot for taking care about this website. Does someone could you add the months please ?

  2. Gaurav says:

    How to answer this question in marathi….
    Which day comes between Wednesday and Friday?

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