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Marathi for travelers :

Maharashtra is a complete tourist destination and a delight for travel lovers. Hills, Ghats, Sanctuaries, Beaches, Tigers, Forts, Caves, Temples-and what not. Knowledge of  Marathi will certainly enhance your travel experience .

Do not worry. Most of the people in cities understand English or Hindi.  You will get along just fine without any Marathi. But if you are travelling into remote parts of Maharashtra then you must know some basic Marathi words and phrases to atleast convey your message. The table below compiles a list of  important Marathi sentences required for a traveler.


Hello नमस्कार namskar
How are you ? आपण कसे आहात ? aapan kase aahat ?
I am fine मी ठीक आहे. mee thik aahe .
Thank you धन्यवाद dhanyavaad
What is your name ? आपले नाव काय आहे? aaple naav kay aahe.
Where is this address? हा पत्ता कुठे आहे ? haa patta kuthe aahe
Where is this hotel ? हे हॉटेल कुठे आहे ? he hotel kuthe aahe
Where is the police station? पोलीस स्टेशन कुठे आहे ? polic station kuthe ahe
How much is the fare ? किती पैसे झाले ? kiti paise zale
100 Rs शंभर रुपये shambhar rupaye
50Rs पन्नास  रुपये pannas rupaye
10Rs दहा  रुपये daha rupaye
Can you help me  ? आपण माझी मदत करू शकता का ? aapan mazi madat karu shakta ka ?
Please give me some water कृपया मला थोडे पाणी द्या krupaya mala thode pani dya
Please stop कृपया थांबा krupaya thamba


Toilet शौचालय shouchalay
Women महिला mahila
Men पुरुष purush
Help मदत madat
Money पैसे paise
Water पाणी paani
Lunch /Dinner जेवण jevan
Where कुठे kuthe
What काय kay
Welcome स्वागत swaagat
Left डावीकडे daavikade
Right उजवीकडे ujveekade
Straight सरळ saral
Back मागे maage

18 comments on “Marathi travel phrases
  1. Dheeraj says:

    Where can I find good food or Where can I have lunch?

  2. Rajnish says:

    Akshay-Does this mean”Where will I find good food”

  3. saloni says:

    how to say “what are the good tourist places here?” in marathi?

  4. Anthrew says:

    how to say,
    can you take me there/here?

  5. Noopsi says:

    In hindi, we generally tell autowalas -“Bhaiya, side me rok dijiye”

    how to say this in marathi?

  6. Noopsi says:

    Thanks Akshay. One more – “bhau” is like bhaiya?

  7. sundararao prabhala says:

    Today I started learning Marathi. The above lesson is very helpful to me.I know Hindi perfectly. So it may not be much difficulty to learn Marathi with in a short period. Thank You.

  8. arvind says:

    मला हे वेबसाइट खूप मददगार साबित होणार…मी मराठी सीकतोय…

  9. Anonymous says:

    chan website aahe

  10. Sridhar says:

    How do you say – I came here only a few weeks back and applied in RTA – mainly to deal with cops

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