ABCD of Marathi : Marathi Alphabets

Marathi Alphabets

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The first step of any language is to learn its alphabets. We all started from A for Apple, B for Bat and C for Cat.

Here in this chapter, You will learn 50 new symbols popularly known as Devanagari script.If you can read and write Hindi alphabets, better skip this chapter.

Others, learn Marathi exactly the way my KG- I teacher taught me.

let ush shtart!!!

There are 12 vowels and 38 consonants in Marathi . Fear not, all have equivalent English pronunciations. Unlike Germans and Russians, who have pronunciation signs as well.

Do not try to eat an elephant in 10 mins.

Language learning requires patience and practice. Learn 5 letters a day. 10 days are enough to master the script.

Let us start with the vowels first. The following presentation has 12 vowels.

Each letter is pronounced exactly like first syllable of the word given below.

For more practice, visit this lesson : Marathi alphabets : Vowels 


These 12 vowels when combined with consonants form actual sound of the language.

The picture below consists 36 new symbols. These are consonants.

The sound of each consonant is highlighted in the word given below it.


learn marathi alphabets














To learn consonants step by step, visit this lesson :Marathi alphabets: consonants  



Marathi Barakhadi :Putting vowels and consonants together.

To learn Marathi barkhadi alphabet by alphabet , visit this lesson :Marathi barakhadi in english

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    yaar…. this site is good yaar,….
    keep it up yaar

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    very gud….liked the presentation…

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  5. Abdul Dalvi says:

    Checked this page out for my friend everything is clear cut an all except the presentation on vowels just sort tat out will u plz its rather unclear, the pronunciations, like they used the same words oops and ooty to explain 2 words tat have a slightly different pronunciation.Everything else was clear cut and to the point

    • Akshay says:

      Hi Abdul
      Actually both the letters have same pronunciation.When combined with a consonant,उ & ऊ will have same effect.The former उ is called rhaswa उ (small) and the latter is called deergha ऊ (capital).

  6. sharwan kumar mittal says:

    Good for primary learning.

  7. Imran khan says:

    Its very easy to learn from this site . Keep it up guys.

  8. Vinod says:

    What it is called vowels and consonents in Marathi?

  9. amlan datta says:

    Very useful for people like us who reside in Maharashtra for job-purpose

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    Lovely site.

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    I’m an American dating someone who speaks marathi – this is very helpful for a beginner like me!

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  15. Krishna Kant Ojha says:

    An alphabet or script such as, Roman for English, has letters like A, B and C and so on. An alphabet does not have alphabets. What you are referring to are letters of Devnagari alphabet, and not alphabets of Devnagari.

  16. Krishna Kant Ojha says:

    According to Manak HIndi, combination of letters of English for the letter ज्ञ is jn

  17. Tarit Das says:

    Marathi has a unique letter ‘ळ’ which is not found in the original devnagri script. Please tell how it is pronounced with a few examples of words formed with this letter. A Hindi speaker normally gets stumbled while pronouncing a word containing ‘ळ’.

    • Akshay says:

      Hello Tarit Sir
      Until I start adding audio support to this website, I request you to take the help of youtube to learn the pronunciation of Marathi alphabets.

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    I really like this website.

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