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How do you say “I am waiting for you” in Marathi ?

अंधेरी ला ये. मी तुझी वाट बघतो /बघते आहे.(andheri laa ye. mee tuzi vaat baghto/te aahe) Come to Andheri. I am waiting for you. Similar sentences. इनोर्बीट मॉल ला ये. (inorbit mall la ye) Come to Inorbit mall.  सी सी

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How do you say “He is my good friend” in Marathi?

Friendship day is coming closer.Have some friendship day Marathi lines ready to impress your Marathi friends. Friend (male) is “मित्र (mitra)” while friend(female) is मैत्रीण (maitreen) in Marathi. If you want to make a new Marathi friend on this friendship

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How do you say “I am not well” in Marathi

मी आजारी आहे .(mee aajari aahe) I am not well. Marathi English Details Similar sentences  आजारी  Sick,not well  –  सचिन आजारी आहे.माझी आई  आजारी आहे.  मी   आहे  I am  [be verbs ]  –

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How do you say “Fish can not live without water” in Marathi

मी तुझ्या शिवाय जगू शकत नाही.(mee tuzya shivaay jagu shakat naahi) I can not live without you. The word we are trying to learn here is “शिवाय(shivaay)” which is a postposition in Marathi. Similar Sentences मासा पाण्याशिवाय जगू शकत नाही.

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How do you say “This work is very important” in Marathi ?

Learn the usage of word “important” in Marathi. Learn to make sentences like “Today is an important day”  or “These documents are important.” in Marathi. important = महत्वपूर्ण (mahatvapurna) हे काम खूप महत्वपूर्ण आहे. (he kaam khoop mahatvapurna aahe) This

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How do you say “I worked hard” in Marathi

To work (verb) = काम  करणे (kaam karne) मी खूप काम केले. (mee khup kaam kele) I worked hard. मी काल खूप काम केले . ( mee kaal khup aam kele) I worked hard yesterday मी आज सकाळी  काम केले (mee

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Android App for learning Hindi

Mind ur Hindi Android app is your complete pocket guide to learn Hindi.Now learn Hindi through interactive lessons, real life examples, essential grammar, instant quizzes & daily Hindi sentences and words : Anywhere , Anytime. ********* FEATURES ******* Hindi Alphabet

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