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How do you say “What are you saying ? ” in Marathi ?

to say : म्हणणे  (mhanane) तू काय म्हणतो आहेस  ? (tu kaay mhanto aahes ) = What are you saying ? तू काय म्हणाला ? (tu kaay mhanaalaa ?) = What did you say ? तू काय म्हणणार ? (tu

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Happy Independence Day !!!

स्वातंत्र्य दिनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा (swatantrya dinaachyaa  hardik shubhecchaa) Independence means स्वातंत्र्य in Marathi and Independent is स्वतंत्र. Related Sentences 15  ऑगस्ट ला भारत स्वतंत्र झाला (pandhraa august la bhaarat svatantr zaalaa) India became independent on 15th August. 15  ऑगस्ट लाभारताला स्वांतंत्र्य मिळाले. (pandhraa

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How do you say “Can you speak Marathi ?” in Marathi ?

“शकणे” (shakane) is a  modal verb  which is Marathi equivalent of English “Can” or Hindi “सकना”(sakanaa) मी मराठी बोलू शकतो/ते . (mee marathi bolu shakto/te) I can speak Marathi. तू मराठी बोलू शकतोस/तेस . (tu Marathi bolu shaktos/tes) You can

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My phone is not working

To work = काम करणे (kaam karne) रमेश काम करीत आहे . (ramesh kaam kareet aahe) Ramesh is working . मोनिका काम करीत आहे. (monikaa kaam kareet aahe) Monika is working. माझा फोन काम करीत आहे . (maazaa phone kaam

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“This house is very old”

old =”जुना/जुनी/जुने” (junaa/junee/june) “जुना”= for masculine nouns “जुनी”= for feminine nouns “जुने”= for neuter and plural nouns हे घर खूप जुने आहे . (he ghar khup joone aahe) = This house is very old. हे पुस्तक खूप जुने आहे. (he

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“A monkey came in my room”

In this lesson , we will learn two things. Marathi equivalent of the verb “to come” Marathi postposition meaning “in” Marathi equivalent of the verb “to come” is “येणे(yene)” मी  आलो (me aalo) = I came. पीटर आला | (peter aalaa)

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How do you say “I am getting angry” in Marathi

मला राग येतो आहे . (malaa raag yeto aahe) Literal meaning :  Anger is coming to me. Meaning: I am getting angry. This is very similar to the Hindi translation : मुझे गुस्सा आ रहा है (muze gussaa aa raha

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