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This saree is for you

ही साडी तुझ्या साठी आहे. (hee saadi tuzyaa saathi aahe) This Saree is for you. Similar sentences मी तुझ्या साठी shirt आणला. (mee tuzyaa sathee shirt aanla) =I brought a shirt for you. तुझ्या साठी काही पण. (tuzyaa sathi kaahi pan)

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Where is this address ?

How to ask for an  address in Marathi   हा पत्ता कुठे आहे ?(haa pattaa kuthe aahe?) Where is this address ? Words in Today’s sentence मराठी English Details Similar sentences हा This [Demonstrative Pronouns]  तू कुठे आहे ? (where

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5 Marathi lines you should know when you are in Maharashtra.

किती पैसे झाले ? – See lesson : How do you say “How much is the fare ?” थांबा . -See lesson: How do you say “Please stop” तुम्ही इंग्रजी बोलू शकता का ? – See lesson:How do you say  “Do

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This work is very important

Learn the usage of word “important” in Marathi. Learn to make sentences like “Today is an important day”  or “These documents are important.” in Marathi. हे काम खूप महत्वपूर्ण आहे. (he kaam khoop mahatvapurna aahe) This work is very important.

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I believe in god.

Learn how to use the verb “to believe” in Marathi. Learn to make sentences like “I believe in you” or “I believe I can do this work” in Marathi. To believe is  “विश्वास करणे “(vishwaas karne) where “विश्वास ” means

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We made an ice cream today

Learn the usage of verb “बनविणे (banavine)” in Marathi. Learn how to say sentences like “I made a Pizza” or ”I will make tea” in Marathi. The verb बनविणे (banvine) means “to make”. Let us make some sentences in Marathi

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