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Beware of Pickpockets

चोरांपासून सावधान (choraan-paasun saavdhaan) Beware of Pickpockets(thieves). Let us break this sentence into 3 parts and then analyse. first word is “चोर” which means a thief in Marathi. second word  “पासून”  is a postposition .  “पासून” means “from” for example

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Repost :I am sick in Marathi

मी आजारी आहे .(mee aajari aahe) I am sick. Marathi English Details Similar sentences  आजारी  Sick,not well  –  सचिन आजारी आहे.माझी आई  आजारी आहे.  मी   आहे  I am  [be verbs ]  –

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My Internet is not working

मा़झे Internet काम करीत नाही आहे़ • ( maaze Internet kaam kareet naahi aahe) My Internet is not working. काम करणे means to work. रमेश काम करीत आहे . Ramesh is working . माझा फोन काम करीत नाही आहे. My

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Everyday words

Marathi English Usage(Marathi) Translation आणि (aani) And रेस्टॉरंट आणि बार(restaurant ani baar)  सचिन आणि सेहवाग (sachin aani sehawag)   राजा आणि राणी (Raja aani raani)     Restaurant and bar    Sachin and Sehwag     Kind and Queen पण

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Happy independence day

independence day in marathi

स्वातंत्र्य दिनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा (swatantrya dinaachyaa  hardik shubhecchaa) Independence means स्वातंत्र्य in Marathi and Independent is स्वतंत्र. Related Sentences 15  ऑगस्ट ला भारत स्वतंत्र झाला (pandhraa august la bhaarat svatantr zaalaa) India became independent on 15th August. 15  ऑगस्ट लाभारताला स्वांतंत्र्य मिळाले. (pandhraa

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I don’t like this place.

मला ही जागा आवडत नाही.(malaa hee jaagaa avadat naahi) I don’t like this place.   Marathi English Explanation Similar sentences मला (malaa) to mee [Object pronouns] मला दुध आवडत नाही.(malaa dudh aavadat naahi) I don’t like milk.   मला सामोसा

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“Call the police” in Marathi

पोलिसांना बोलवा.(polisaannaa bolvaa) The verb we are learning today is : “बोलव-णे”  (bolavane) = To call someone. This “call” is different than making “call”  on the phone. Similar sentences: मी माझ्या भावाला इथे बोलावले. (mee maazyaa bhaavaalaa ithe bolaavle) = I called

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Please bring me water

Formal :कृपया माझ्या साठी पाणी आणा . (kripayaa maazyaa saathi paani aana) Informal:माझ्या साठी पाणी आण. (maazyaasathi paani aan) Literal meaning is please bring water for me. The verb we are learning today is “आण-णे(aan-ne)” means to bring. Similar sentences:

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Updated : Books for Marathi reading and learning

“One must not be shy where language is concerned.” ― Ann Patchett, State of Wonder Best way to learn a language is to immerse in it. Wherever you go, let the language be near you. Keep an app on mobile

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Will you be my friend ?

Friendship day is coming closer.Have some friendship day Marathi lines ready to impress your Marathi friends. Friend (male) is “मित्र (mitra)” while friend(female) is मैत्रीण (maitreen) in Marathi. If you want to make a new Marathi friend on this friendship

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