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Help me please.

कृपया मला मदत करा. (kripayaa malaa madat karaa) The verb “to help” is “मदत करणे (madat karne) ”  in Marathi and “Help” as a noun is “मदत(madat). Let us see the examples of this word : as a noun and

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Dinner is ready

जेवण तयार आहे. (jevan tayaar aahe) Similar sentences मी तयार आहे. (me tayaar aahe) = I am ready चिंटू शाळेत जाण्यासाठी  तयार आहे. (chintu shaalet jaanyaa sathi tayaar aahe) = Chintu is ready to go to the school. भारतीय सेना देशाच्या

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Can you take a photo of me ?

आपण माझा एक फोटो घेऊ शकता का ? (aapan maazaa ek photo gheu shakta kaa?) There are two verbs to learn in this lesson. First is the main verb which  is : “घेणे”   means “to take”  and the second

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Please say it again

कृपया पुन्हा बोला. (kripaya punhaa bolaa) Please say/speak it again.   कृपया हळू बोला. (kripayaa haloo bolaa) Please speak slower.   कृपया कमी आवाजात बोला. (kripayaa kamee aawaajaat bolaa) Please speak in low voice.  

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Mind ur Marathi completes 1 year !!!!

Exactly a year before, when MindurMarathi.com came into existence,the common people like you and me  had no option but to learn Marathi from railway announcements , bus conductors’ rants , highway signboards and even sometimes from the annoying housemaid complaints.

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Do you speak English ?

तुम्ही इंग्रजी बोलता का ?  (tumhee eengrajee boltaa ka?) Do you speak English ?   Similar Sentences मी मराठी बोलतो/ते. (mee marathee bolto/te)  = I speak Marathi तुम्ही कोणती भाषा बोलता ?  (tumhee kontee bhaashaa boltaa?) =Which language do you speak

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Did you reach home ?

Let us learn the verb “To reach” in Marathi To reach is “पोहोच-णे “(pohochane) . Very similar to “pahoonchana” of Hindi गाडी उशिरा पोहोचली . (gadi ushiraa pohochali ) =Train reached late. मी पोहोचतो आहे .  (mee pohochato aahe)  =  

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Please understand me

This one is pretty useful  for all those who are in relationships and particularly more useful to the male community.  I advise all husbands and boyfriends to keep this sentence handy and use it extravagantly. Please understand me = मला

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Do you want coffee or tea ?

तुम्हाला कॉफी पाहिजे  की चहा ?  (tumhaalaa coffee paahije ki chahaa) Let us learn a new verb “To want” in this lesson .”To want”  mean ” पाहिजे असणे   (paahije asane)”in Marathi. say ” I want a pen” =  मला पेन

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Repost: have you had your lunch??

जेवण झाले का ? (jevan zaale ka?) Have you had your lunch? Marathi has a verb for the process of  “having lunch” To take or have lunch = जेव-णे (jevan)  and जेवण  is the noun which is equivalent of lunch

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