Table मेज
Take घे-णे
to Talk बोल-णे
Technical तांत्रिक
to Tell सांग-णे
Temperature तापमान
Ten दहा
Test परीक्षा
Than पेक्षा
There तिकडे
Therefore म्हणून
Thing वस्तू
tp Think विचार कर-णे
Third तिसरा
Thirty तीस
Thought विचार
Three तीन
Time वेळ
Today आज
Together सोबत,एकत्र
Top कळस
Total एकूण
Toward -कडे
Town गाव
Trade व्यापार
Training प्रशिक्षण
Trouble त्रास
True खरे,सत्य
Truth सत्य
to Try प्रयत्न कर-णे
to Turn वळ-णे
Twenty वीस
Two दोन
Type प्रकार
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    This site has been quite useful for beginners like me. Great job, well done. Congrats and best wishes.

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